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Which Part of Cuba Suits You?

Cuba may be a lot of things – beautiful, full of energy and beach-lined, to start – but it definitely isn’t easily pinned down. Its capital city Havana is the epicentre for culture, but venture out towards the coast and you’ll find the island’s heart beat slowing to practically comatose as you enter jaw-droppingly gorgeous beach territory.

No two sections of Cuba are quite the same. This quiz’ll help you figure out which part of this Caribbean island best suits your holiday vibes.

See below to find out what your result says about you


If your holiday isn’t action-packed, you don’t want anything to do with it. That’s why you’re best suited to Cuba’s capital city, Havana. You’re buzzing with energy, nose to the sky checking out the city’s time warp-like architecture and you’re always ready to wander down a cobbled lane for the next greatest holiday find. Museums, salsa-filled nights, Cuban coffee on a cafe terrace and cruises along the coastline in a pastel-coloured Cadillac will send you into holiday bliss.

Cayo Santa Maria

Your Cuban holiday spirit animal is Cayo Santa Maria because the two of you love a heavy dose of luxury by the sea. Cayo Santa Maria boasts a white sand beach that’s one of the best in the Jardines Del Ray archipelago, plus a swath of waterfront All Inclusive resorts to match. It also throws into the mix the second largest barrier reef in the world just along the coast, so if you’re looking to up the energy with snorkelling, your opportunity awaits underneath the waves.


You’ve come to Cuba for the beaches, sure, but you don’t just want to lie around. You want to dive in, cruise across and splash around in the sea. You want more. That’s why you’re matched up with Varadero, a full scale beach resort. You’ve got everything you’d ever need – a gorgeous set of white sand shores – 20 kilometres of it, to be exact – an ecological reserve and natural cave, beach bars, watersports and a whole lot of Cuban cuisine.

Cayo Coco

You’re one of those types that heed the call of adventure, letting your adrenaline guide you to your next thrill. Cayo Coco may not be the Matrix-meets-Die Hard, but it’s still a great spot to get active. In Cayo Coco, you’ll the high-flying obstacle course of the Rocarena Climbing Centre, catamaran cruises and horseback riding excursions along the beach. There’s even a club stashed away in a cave, where fire shows and dancing into the early morning hours take precedence.

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