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Packed Passenger Plane Has Near Miss At Birmingham Airport

A Flybe passenger plane came within inches of disaster as it waited to take off at Birmingham Airport.

Air safety sources confirmed that the Flybe aircraft was at a standstill when a privately operated TBM 700 light aircraft from Belgium landed ‘dangerously’ close to it.

An urgent investigation is underway into the incident which occurred at 15.35 on Wednesday.

Birmingham International Airport

One eye witness who refused to be named claimed that the light aircraft was just inches away from stationary plane and the Flybe pilot was so sure they were about to collide that he had his head between his knees.

Alexandra Coleman, a Civil Aviation Authority spokesperson confirmed that an incident took place at Birmingham Airport and that the Air accidents Investigation Branch were investigating it, she added that she hoped the findings would be revealed within four to six weeks.

Flybe has not confirmed where their flight was heading to or how many passengers were on board, a spokesperson would only comment, “Flybe can confirm that it is aware of the incident involving a privately operated flight and a stationary Flybe aircraft at Birmingham International Airport on Wednesday 12th January.”

The airport itself were unable to comment due to the ongoing investigation but confirmed that the flight did eventually take off.