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Outrageous Marriage Proposals Around the World

“Will you marry me?” is the international phrase for true love. And whether it’s a candlelit dinner with soft music playing, or something a little more extreme, proposing is at its best when there’s an element of surprise involved.

Some loved-up lotharios, though, choose to propose in much more unique ways. From rollercoasters to fireballs to sky dives, here’s our pick of five of the most outrageous marriage proposals at stunning locations around the world.

  • The airplane loudspeaker 

While flying to Turkey, airline pilot Ali Kuzey made a very special announcement over the speaker – a marriage proposal at 38,000 feet. “Before the clouds, the birds and the sky, I want to ask Hazel Çağın Gürleyen, who is traveling with you, to spend every second of my life together: Will you marry me?” he said, before coming out of the cockpit amid applause.

  • The sky dive

It’s the perfect proposal for those who love adventure… But it’s a double whammy of adrenaline if you’re the one doing the asking! Mateo Martinez popped the question at 20,000 feet just as he and his girlfriend were about to sky dive. “There is no better way to get your heart rate up than jumping out of a plane and proposing to your girlfriend,” he says – we’ll take your word for it, Mateo!

  • The fire stunt

When it comes to making a proposal of marriage to the love of your life a moment to remember forever, what better way than setting yourself on fire? Todd Grannis got his friend, a professional stuntman, to help him heat up the day of his proposal, by setting himself on fire at a Fourth of July party – before popping the question to his beloved, Malissa.

  • Zero gravity

As if a zero gravity experience aboard a Boeing 727 aircraft wasn’t already enough of an unusual birthday present, Graciela Asturias was in for an even bigger surprise from her boyfriend, Alex up in the air. As the aircraft suddenly dropped and lifted up between 24,000 and 35,000 feet, the couple were left floating around in the air, in the cabin – of course, the perfect moment for Alex to propose!

  • The rollercoaster

If there’s one surefire way to feel on a high, it’s got to be proposing marriage while on a rollercoaster at Luna Park in Melbourne. Craig Keenan took the adrenaline rush to new heights when he asked his girlfriend, Kylie Dalton, to marry him mid-ride. The lucky lady has a love of rollercoasters, so her man decided the very top of the ride was the perfect moment to pop the question.

  • And finally… the pug party

It’s an adorable scene: Alex Justins and her boyfriend, Edward Grant, were going for a romantic stroll through Central Park, when they were suddenly surrounded by 16 pugs wearing heart-shaped balloons. Edward then got down on one knee to propose to her on the iconic New York park’s Bow Bridge, surrounded by the mini pups. Awww!

What do you think? Are major marriage proposals the stuff of romantic dreams, or nerve-wracking nightmares?