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Our Jersey Jaunt

Last August we were finding it difficult to find a cheap holiday abroad for our budget, so when we stumbled across a really good offer for Jersey in the Channel Islands, we thought we’d give it a try as it was something a little different to the conventional sun, sea and sand.

We weren’t sure what to expect, as we had never been before, but it turned out to be a cracking getaway! After the shortest flight I’ve ever been on, we made our way down from the airport to the Pomme d’Or hotel in St. Helier, which was advertised as being in a prime location, situated on the Esplanade area of the town. We had high hopes, and we weren’t let down. The hotel overlooks ‘Liberation Square’ which had a grand statue and some pretty fountains. We loved Jersey’s vibe from the moment we arrived. Very unlike the UK, the weather was comparable to Greece or Spain!!! Definitely not what we were expecting! I’d packed jumpers and waterproofs and all sorts! (although we were told the weather wasn’t always that nice!)

La Corbiere lighthouse
La Corbiere lighthouse

During our stay we hired a car and toured the island, though let’s face, it isn’t as fancy as it sounds, because the Jersey is only 9 miles by 5 miles. It is a little frustrating that the speed limits are maxed at a whopping 40 mph though! The island was so nice, that my fiance and I decided that we would love to live there.

I was pleasantly surprised by Jersey’s beaches. They were actually amongst the best I’ve ever come across. Our favourite was at Plemont Bay, although Greve de Lecq and St Brelade were also really nice.

We were recommended to eat breakfast at Sunset Nursery’s and Big Vern’s. We took the advice, and I have to say they both do a gorgeous English breakfast. We were typical tourists too, visiting the famous Jersey Zoo (which was fantastic – especially the gorilla enclosure!) and the German Underground hospital.

On an evening, we enjoyed going down to St Aubin’s for a bite to eat and a drink or two at the Old Courthouse. Afterwards we’d usually head back for a night out in St Helier. Apparently a lit of work has gone into the waterfront area lately and it shows. It really is stunning. I have to say, the marina looks like something out of St Tropez’s book – very exclusive! We enjoyed a couple of nights in the Folies nightclub as it was close to the hotel, and we always had a good night. The atmosphere and music were both good. We both loved Jersey, and are both highly considering returning to this gem of an island very soon.

See you soon Jersey!

By Mr Steven Jackson