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Do you know where the Ochre City is?

Yup, you guessed it, this month we’re heading down to the warmer shores of Morocco, which lies to the South of Spain, above the Saharan Desert. It has a strong tourism industry – supported by a stable political climate – and it’s basically just a day trip from Spain, so you can sail down from the Costa Brava to spend a day in Marrakesh (a.k.a the Ochre City)! It’s also home to bucket-list destinations like Casablanca, which for fans of classic cinema is a must.

But some of the most popular spots in Morocco are actually the beach resorts where you can soak up that Mediterranean sun at a price that’s easier on the exchange than the Euro. Have a look at beach resorts like Agadir, Ouarzazate and Tarfaya, all of which are well worth the visit, and if you’re going at this time of year take your walking shoes and explore the trekking circuits that stripe the foothills of the Atlas Mountains.

We’re definitely of the opinion that Morocco’s not a one-visit destination, and there’s plenty to learn from the people who live there. For example, Life in Marrakesh is a blog run by Nora, who is Moroccan-Californian and she writes some fascinating posts about pomegranates, Moroccan proverbs, travelling during Ramadan and the best Moroccan food you’ll never eat in a restaurant.

Check out her blog and stay tuned for a month of exploring Morocco with Holiday Hypermarket!