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No more waiting to book your Premium Club and extra legroom seats with Thomson Airways

Thomson Airways are happy to announce they’re lifting the 90-day restriction on seat selection for customers who book Premium Club, extra space and extra legroom seats.

This is great news for customers who have previously missed out on seats due to the rush at the 90-day window.

What is the current rule?

As it stands, customers who choose to upgrade their seats get access to Thomson’s ‘Select Your Seat’ service. However, this service is only available 90 days before your return flight.

In the past, this has proved frustrating for customers who have not been able to allocate their desired seats, and in some cases, has left passengers separated from their family and friends.

When will this come in to affect?

The good news is you won’t have to wait – this change starts from today! So, if you’re planning on booking a Premium Club, extra legroom or extra space seats, you’ll be able to reserve your seats straight away. Please note that this change in the rules does not currently apply to standard seat selections – it is only applicable to upgraded seats.

Does this apply to bookings made before 17th November 2017?

Yes, bookings made before 17th November 2016 will be able to take advantage of this new rule – and these customers will be notified via email.

What will the benefits be?

  • This will be especially rewarding for early bookers as they will be able to secure their seats from the minute their holiday is booked, giving them a greater chance of bagging their preferred seats.
  • This will improve the customer experience as more and more upgraded passengers will be satisfied with their seat selection.

Book your upgraded seats now with a Thomson holiday.