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New Yorkers turn abandoned ‘High Line’ into leafy park

We all recognise the iconic ‘high line’ train tracks from New York City. The train tracks, suspended in the air, are as iconic as the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building. However, what happens when one of them falls into disuse? Taking it down would be one option – and it was an option considered in the 1990s when this particular high line was due to be demolished. However, after lobbying from local residents who created a group called Friends of the Highline, an idea for a very different solution was pondered.

Now, after 12 years of planning and development, the High Line is finally ready. A public park, complete with greenery, benches and walkways has been installed on a mile-long stretch of the disused railway tracks. This impressive bit of town planning adds a much-needed touch of green to the New York City streets, giving residents a unique chance to enjoy the benefits of leafy parkland in an otherwise industrial neighbourhood.

The concrete pathways on the High Line were intentionally installed with cracks to promote the growth of grasses and vegetation in and around the walkways, which will eventually grow to create an incredibly unique nature trail.

The High Line Park blends the natural world with the man-made world, and will only improve with time. We think it’s a fantastic idea. You can never have too much greenery in a big city, and New York is one of the biggest.