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New Yorker Meets London – A Travel Blog to Watch

Our February blogger of the month is the wonderful Laurie and her blog New Yorker Meets London, as you can tell by the blogs name Laurie has definitely made some big travel moves which is kind of one of the reasons we plucked her out from a wide pool of travel bloggers. Moving from the big apple and across the pond to London seems rather daunting don’t you think? But Laurie has more than enough tips and info to tell just in case you were thinking of taking the plunge and packing up too.

What we love about New Yorker Meets London is just how easy it is to read, Laurie’s writing just flows so simply and you can’t help but continue reading about her incredible adventures… and she’s been on a bucket load so you won’t be left without another post to dive into believe us!

Laurie’s posts are so detailed and will have you engaged throughout, kind of like reading a book that you just can’t put down because you need to know what happens next. We certainly couldn’t get enough of reading all about the amazing places she’s been to like Stockholm and Australia.

The detail that Laurie includes within her posts is just on another level, from what’s she’s eating to how she’s feeling New Yorker Meets London has it all so you’ll never find yourself saying ‘ooo that looks lovely but what was it really like?’, Laurie’s got you covered and there’s plenty of wonderful photography that you won’t be able to take your eyes off… we’re not gonna lie you’ll be longing to grab your passport in no time.

If you love travel and food (let’s face it could you get a better combination) then you need to get yourself over to New Yorker Meets London and engross yourself in Laurie’s posts… you can thank us later.