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New York, New Handbag

My husband took me to New York in November of 2008. I’d wanted to skate at the Rockefeller Center for years, so at the first opportunity, we headed there. I never imagined it to look quite as dazzling as it did. With the Christmas Tree, decorations and lights it looked just so magical. It was so romantic too; well worth the anticipation. We saw two professional ice skaters later on and it was such a beautiful performance, so enjoyable to watch.

The impressive Empire State Building

We did the one day sight seeing tour which lasted about 6 hours and was definitely worth the money. Although a whistle stop tour, this was the perfect introduction to New York and a great way to get our bearings. We learnt so much about the city; our tour guide was really informative and resourceful. We were so glad we booked the tour as we wouldn’t have been able to see everything we did by ourselves. We wouldn’t have known where to start!

We got some great photographs of the Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty whilst on the tour. It would be a crime to visit New York without going to Macy’s, and we were really shocked at how grand it was. I could have spent a whole day in there, and more, but my hubby’s credit card company had other ideas! I settled for a few family Christmas presents and, of course, a gorgeous new handbag for myself. We also went to an authentic New York Tiffany’s & Co., in which there were so many nice pieces of jewellery. My husband really wanted to buy me something special as a reminder to our lovely holiday, and the staff were very patient while I browsed the pretty items on show. I fell in love with beautiful white gold ring with a few sparkles. We had the best time in New York, although my poor husband (he was when we left New York) left there a few pounds lighter, in weight from the walking, and moneywise! I would recommend New York to anybody and if you can do the tour as it could save you a lot of time.

Mrs Dingle, London.