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Top Christmas Travel Gadgets for 2017

This Christmas say goodbye to data roaming charges, low phone batteries, and your best shirt getting hopelessly wrinkled in your luggage.

Instead, capture all the details on the Sagrada Familia’s intricate facade in Barcelona, or have an underwater adventure with your waterproof device in the colourful Caribbean – we have just the travel gadgets you need on your wish-list this festive season.

Stocking stuffers

Tile Mate

The Tile Mate is a traveller’s new best friend. It’s a small, chip-sized gadget that can be hung from your key ring, handbag or backpack, slipped in with your phone case or strung around a favourite teddy’s neck, then simply monitored on your phone.

With the use of an app, you can easily track down the items the Tile Mate is attached to, should you lose them. There’s no fuss and no awkward conversations with the hotel concierge required.

Skyroam Global Hotspot

Gone are the days of wandering between coffee shops searching for WiFi. Now, you’ve got internet right in the palm of your hand. The Skyroam Global Hotspot is a wireless little device that for a per day fee, will provide WiFi in most places across the world.

You can connect up to five phones and only pay for the days you use it. But let’s be honest – once you catch sight of the beach in Ibiza, you’ll be uploading your snaps to Instagram constantly.

Phone camera lens

If you’re big on holiday photos – and let’s be honest who isn’t – Sony has devised an incredible travel gadget that’ll take your phone’s camera to a whole new level. The DSC-QX30 is a high-focus lens that you can attach to the back of your camera or tablet for exceptionally quality photos.

The lens allows you to zoom in, focus and stabilise your camera much better than your phone’s version. From there, you can upload photos straight to social media, and let your Facebook friends’ holiday envy begin.

Waterproof wristlet

Waterproof gadgets are a must for warm holiday destinations, chances are, you’re going to be spending a lot of time beside the pool or at the beach. A waterproof wristlet will carry all your beach or poolside essentials and keep them safe too.

This nylon wristlet comes with a number of compartments to store your phone, credit cards and keys. With its handy wrist loop, you can just pop it onto your arm and head out to the waves without having to pack up your kit and lose that hard to come by beach spot.

For underneath the tree

LOHA iPhone Tripod

It’s time to say goodbye to the selfie stick – this handy little travel tripod functions just like the big guys do, but on a much smaller and more portable scale. And don’t let the title fool you – it works for Android phones too.

All you have to do is prop your phone up onto the mount and set your camera timer, then you’re on the path to holiday photos with the whole family. The tripod’s bendy legs allow you to adjust the camera height, plus, you can rotate the mount to take landscape or portrait shots.

Shirt Mate

Okay, so this gadget might seem like a little bit of a luxury, but if you’re setting out on a cruise with a formal night on the itinerary or are planning a celebratory dinner at a 5* restaurant and can’t be bothered to pull out the iron or phone the maid, this anti-crease container is a life saver.

It’s lightweight and will fit easily into your luggage, and is durable enough to not let a little jostling in your bag ruffle its contents. Plus, it holds up to five shirts, so you can bring a few wardrobe options for your big night out.

The Carry-On from Away

Carry-on luggage isn’t exactly new to the travel gadget game, but this addition from Away is particularly noteworthy. It’s essentially everything you’d want from a carry-on bag, plus a few handy features you didn’t know you needed, until now.

The Carry-On from Away comes with a built-in battery that can charge any USB device, two compartments plus a nylon laundry bag that can be used to separate dirty clothes from clean ones, a TSA approved lock and a hard outer shell that’s impossibly durable.

With these handy travel gadgets, it’s safe to say you’ll never jet set the same way again. Now that Christmas is sorted, start planning your next holiday with Holiday Hypermarket today.