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All You Need to Know About TUI Multi-Centre Holidays

Getting the most out of your holiday just got a whole lot easier with TUI Multi Centre holidays. Instead of just visiting a single city within a destination, you’ll now have access to two. And the beauty of it is, the transfers and hotels are all taken care of. Your multi-city holiday will be completely stress-free.

The low-down

The gist of TUI Multi-Centre holidays is simple. This new scheme allows you to visit, stay in and explore multiple cities within a country. We love this not only because you can tick off a number of cities on your bucket list, but because it’s otherwise next-to-impossible to get a full scope of a destination by just visiting a single city on its own. That’s no longer an issue. Thailand is part skyscraper palace and part beach, Cuba is part time-warp cityscape and tropical paradise. You shouldn’t have to choose which side of the coin you want to see – and with TUI Multi-Centre holidays, you can have it all.

Included in the packages are hotels and transfers between the two cities, completely minimising any hassle. Some of the packages even feature tours and excursions, like ziplining over the treetops of Costa Rica or wandering through the country’s famed Cloud Forest.

The program has only debuted recently, but already includes big time destinations like India, Thailand, Costa Rica, Vietnam, Cuba and Sri Lanka. And its ranks are only growing, with exciting new destinations on their way.

Reasons to take advantage of TUI Multi-Centre holidays

We have a feeling just one or two of these will do the trick.

  • The packages aren’t one size fits all – you can mix and match cities based on what vibes you’re after.
  • You also get to pick your hotel from a list provided for each city. The range is nice and varied, so if you’re travelling with children you can pick a more kid-friendly spot, or something that exudes romance for an exclusive anniversary getaway.
  • You can book a multi-city holiday online, further reducing any effort you might exude to plan your trip to practically none.
  • The package includes all of your major holiday transportation needs, including flights and transfers between the cities. That’s one of the most potentially stressful aspects of travelling completely taken care of.

Where you’re headed

Here are just a few of the possibilities available with TUI Multi-Centre holidays.


Cuba is a rising star on the holiday map, as if it weren’t popular enough already. On option when visiting here are the country’s capital city, Havana, the beach haven Varadero and the white sand eye-popper Cayo Santa Maria.

That means half of your holiday can be spent cruising along the waterfront in a classic, ice cream-coloured car while the other half can be spent entirely on the beach with the blindingly blue sea at your feet. And no matter where you end up, you’d better believe there’ll be some salsa music crooning in the background.

Costa Rica

The volcano-lined, white sand-laced, tropical rainforest-laden landscape of Costa Rica is every adventurer’s fantasy. The country might be small comparatively, but it makes up 5% of the world’s biodiversity, and is home to hundreds of plant and animal species.

Trips here are all about the tours, whether you’re hiking through the rain forest or on a dolphin-watching trip. You can also lounge around the beach in Guanacaste. That’s definitely an option, too.


India is basically the definition of a varied country, where one second you’ll be on the beach and the next you’ll be haggling for a scarf in the local market with hundreds of your fellow holidaymakers. Trips here cover a great number of India’s highlights, and even give you the opportunity to make your holiday a little more unique with activities like sleeping on a houseboat.

There are long holidays at the beaches in Goa and tours winding through the countryside where elephants roam. You can even traverse India’s Golden Triangle circuit, which connects the cities of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, sites on which include the Taj Mahal and the Agra Fort.

These exclusive holidays are only available over the phone, so what are you waiting for? Call us now on 0800 916 5100 for a Multi-Centre holiday you can’t resist.