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The Kids Are Back to School… But You Can Still Nab a Deal to These Hotspots!


Now that the young-uns have been packed off back to school in their shiny new uniforms, there’s still time for you and your better half to steal one last dose of summer before the harsh reality of the British climate sets in.

These eight great getaways are all located within Europe – their close proximity means that they not only offer great value for the purse-strings but also the option to pop back and give your sprogs a clip round the ear if they begin misbehaving at Grandma’s house. What are you waiting for? Book these September stunners before it’s too late!

  • Venice

Anyone for boating? One of the oldest festivals in the world, the Regata Storica (Historic Regatta) of Venice was founded back in 1274 and continues every September to this day. And with this beautiful pedestrian city as the backdrop to the race, it couldn’t be easier to inject a little romance into your rowing.

  • The French Riviera

September is low-season for tourism, meaning that the world-famous luxury and spectacle of the French Riviera can be snapped up for a song in comparison to peak prices. Whether it’s the extravagance of Saint-Tropez, the cutting edge of Cannes or the activity of Marseille, Provence and the Côte d’Azur have plenty to offer.

  • Greece

Greece is just a stone’s throw away, and can revitalise your September with deals as low as £183 per person for a seven-night getaway. Whether you choose to visit the historical marvels on the mainland or swing by the whitewashed walls of one of the many fine islands, you’re sure to have a great time in this ancient stronghold of civilisation.

  • Tenerife

Want to relive your youth while the nippers are away? Cheap deals to Tenerife, some only £225 per person for seven nights, offer the perfect opportunity to let your hair down and paint the town a lovely shade of nostalgia, whilst still soaking up some rays and looking after the bank balance.

  • Munich

Or, if it’s more civilised drinking you’re looking for, why not check out the beer capital of the world in München, Germany? Contrary to popular belief and a very misleading name, Oktoberfest actually begins in September. So strap on those Lederhosen and saddle up for an ale-fuelled escape.

  • Turkey

As a meeting point and a melting pot of European and Asian heritage, Turkey is a hotbed of colour, culture and couture. For the party-going parents, Marmaris is a boozy bargain destination, while Istanbul is the only city in the world to straddle two continents and has more temples and bazaars than most turkeys have feathers. Enjoy a week away from £167 per traveller – not shabby!

  • Bulgaria

Why not go off the beaten path with beautiful Bulgaria? Nestled in the heart of the Balkan region, this picturesque nation combines awe-inspiring fortresses with majestic churches, towering mountains with pristine beaches. All the attraction of the Mediterranean without the accompanying crowds.

  • Barcelona

If there wasn’t already enough incentive to visit this vibrant, energetic powerhouse of a city, September also sees Barcelona play host to its largest street party, La Mercè Festival. Held in favour of the Patron Saint of Barcelona, Mare de Deu de la Mercè, the festival is a celebration of all things creative, including a fire run, costumed monsters and a projection show in Plaça St Jaume.

Editor’s note: All prices were available at the time of writing.