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Mystery Piano Takes Centre Stage On Sandbank

A Piano Similar To The One That Has Mysteriously Appeared In Miami's Biscayne Bay

A 650lb grand piano has mysteriously appeared on a sandbank in Miami’s Biscayne Bay. It is strategically place upright at the highest point on the bank, ensuring it doesn’t disappear at high tide. This could suggest that it may have been placed there deliberately, however the reason why is still a total mystery.

The locals have been speculating and have decided it may have been placed there as part of a music video, or perhaps for a romantic tryst. A filmmaker has declared that he hauled the piano out to the bank in an effort to portray the ‘death of music’; however he has not been able to prove his claim.

Authorities are unsure as to whether it may have come from one of the condos that line the river bank in this area, or whether it has come from further afield. What they do know though is that as it is not doing any harm, it will remain there until someone comes to claim it.

The bay is described as a ‘shallow estuary’ and is a blend of freshwater and the salt from the sea, it is also extremely shallow in places so it could be possible that someone has actually dragged it to the bank which lies less than half a mile from the shore.

The US Coast Guard won’t get involved unless it becomes a navigational hazard and Jorge Pino from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said it is not their responsibility to remove it. He explained “What will probably happen is that the piano will just disintegrate because of the salt water and the salt air.”

In the meantime the grand piano which does look a little worse for wear and is in definite need of a good tuning, remains in pride of place on its very own water surrounded stage, but will only play host to some inquisitive seagulls until its owner arrives to reclaim it.