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My Little Girl Loves SeaWorld!

In October ’08 we went to Florida with our daughter, Elisha, who was 6 at the time. We had such a fantastic holiday that I could write for hours about it. However, I’ll keep it short and sweet. We stayed in a nice hotel in Kissimmee. Our hotel room was very clean and spacious, and the staff were always very polite and helpful. We had the best day out at Sea World. When Elisha saw Shamu, she was more excited than we had ever seen her before! She was jumping up and down, clapping because she had seen him before on TV. The Shamu ‘Believe’ show was amazing! You could never imagine a killer whale doing so many tricks, and the interaction with the trainers really is remarkable. They really do share a special bond. Remember to take a change of clothing though if you’re gonna sit in the splash area!

The splashtastic Shamu 'Believe' show - pretty inspirational

There are some pretty good rides throughout the park too, in addition to the animals. My husband went on the Kraken whilst I watched with Elisha, and she giggled and waved when I pointed out her Dad overhead. We got to feed the dolphins and sea lions during our visit. It was totally amazing getting the chance to get so close as to stroke them. You have to pay for a tray of fish to feed the seals and sea lions, but it’s not that expensive, especially for the amount of fun you get out of it! The sea lions jump up against the railings pleading with their big, puppy-like eyes! It’s definitely worth it. We all had a great time and would recommend visiting Sea World to anybody. Definitely make time for the Shamu ‘Believe’ show too.

Jill, Peter and Elisha Kay from Edinburgh