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My Agadir Trip

We have recently returned from Agadir having had a great time. I wasn’t really sure what to expect of the place as a holiday destination in advance, but remained open minded and I’m glad I did. We couldn’t really fault the hotel, it was gorgeous. We stayed at the beachfront Iberostar Founty Beach hotel and had an amazing lagoon-style pool. My only partial gripe was that the character of the hotel was a bit too sterile compared to other hotels we came across such as the RIU Tikida Beach hotel down the road, but overall we were really happy.

Nights out could be as lively or quiet as you wanted them to be… we chose the lively option and headed to the nightclub ‘le central’ a few times, where we were later told that some of the ‘ladies of the night’ have been known to pop by!  But the best night out was the outside foam party, held at a beach bar on the beach. A very wild night was had – it was great fun!

We spent days soaking up the sun on the glorious stretch of sandy beach that seemed to go on forever – there was loads of space too as it was really wide and it was also very clean with a nice shallow slope into the warm sea…We really wanted to cam in as many excursions as possible whilst we were there to make the most of the trip there was plenty of activities on offer that would suit all kinds of people. One day we took off on an adventurous camel ride (so uncomfortable!!!), another day we visited the epicentre of where the 1960 earthquake struck and we also spent an evening enjoying berber hospitality and entertainment, which was full of loads of singing and dancing.

No matter where you go the people are so much friendlier the locals in the likes of Spain – they are very smiley and genuine – despite being so unsure I would now recommend a holiday to Agadir to anyone. Oh, and try the Moroccan Lamb tagine – beautiful!!!