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Movies That Make Us Want to Go On Holiday

We’ve all found ourselves itching for a getaway after watching a film that’s set abroad. It’s called wanderlust and while it isn’t always easy to act upon, it is often the thing that gets our bags packed, tickets booked and skin tanned. So if you’re looking to pack your bags but can’t quite decide on where to go, maybe one of these films will help you make up your mind.

Mamma Mia!


In one of the best-loved films of all time, this fun-packed, ABBA-inspired sing-a-long extravaganza will have you longing for the whitewashed houses and blue seas of the Hellenic Isles in no time. Set on Skiathos island, you might not sing alongside Meryl Streep, but you may be able to join in with a traditional Greek number after a night of one too many ouzos.

Under The Tuscan Sun


In this moving film that promotes spontaneous travel and time to yourself, a woman is convinced by her best friend – Sandra Oh – to do a tour of Tuscany. Once there she gets swept away by the beauty of Tuscany, meets the dreamy Marcello and impulsively buys an Italian villa. With that in mind, you may want to make sure the souvenirs you pick up while you’re out there are slightly smaller.

Vicky Christina Barcelona


In one of Woody Allen’s warmest flicks, two friends of opposing personalities visit Barcelona to study Gaudi and taste the fine wines on offer. While there they meet San Antonio, a passionate painter, who seduces them both by taking them on wild tours around the islands and mainland regions of Spain. Perhaps there’ll be a little summer romance on the cards for you too.

Journey to the Centre of the Earth


This kooky film about a trekking group who fall into the earth’s core through an Icelandic volcano will hopefully shed some light on just how much of an adventure you can have in this Nordic landscape. Although your trip will probably be a little more relaxing – with hot spring baths and ice bars – you shouldn’t rule anything out.



An all out classic, this film can be revisited again and again for a whole range of reasons. Whether it be lost love, celebrating friendship, a love of gambling or a feeling of wanderlust, you’ll find that Casablanca will do it all for you. Morocco is the setting of this film, and although we don’t see much outside of the migration checkpoint that is the bar Casablanca, the riotous comedy and fantastic atmosphere of the film is enough to make anyone want to visit.

So, where to next?