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Montserrat is “Old School” Caribbean

If you want to experience a glimpse of Caribbean holidays “as they used to be” then a trip down to Montserrat could be in order.

The small Caribbean island often takes a back seat to it’s bigger siblings such as Jamaica, Antigua, Barbados and the Dominican Republic. However, it is this slight lack of “being in the limelight” that has allowed the island to keep some of its rustic charm.

According to the island’s tourism board, Montserrat offers an incredibly unspoilt Caribbean holiday experience that is free of big chain fast food stores and convenience marts. Instead, the island’s local restaurants and stores do a grand job of serving up visitors with an authentic, original experience.

As you’d expect, the seafood on offer across Montserrat is of outstanding quality and freshness. Try and treat yourself to a lobster burger, they’re heavenly and unlikely to break the bank like lobster can do back in the UK and the rest of Europe.

Frog’s legs are another must-try. Courtesy of the influence of the island’s very brief brush with French imperialism, Montserrat serves them liberally, though they are known colloquially as fried mountain chicken.

On top of the traditional food, Montserrat also invites you to add a little Pirates of the Caribbean flavour to your holiday fun with a drop of rum. The often spiced spirit is served in bars across the island and its common practice to be invited to “pour your own measure” of rum into a mixed drink in order to have the drink’s strength as you like it.

So, for an unforgettable and rustic Caribbean holiday, Montserrat is most certainly worth checking out.