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Why Mexico is Fast Becoming a Clubbing Mecca

When you think of Mexico, the club scene does not necessarily spring first to mind, but in recent years “the land of enchantment” is fast becoming the land of hedonism. Mexico has a long-standing reputation for its wild and wonderful nightlife. Friendly local people are always keen to show visitors how to party, and once the margaritas start to flow, the party really heats up. As the locals say, “In Mexico, anything goes!”

The club scene has been simmering in Mexico for some time, and now feels ready to boil over. Lively resorts in places like Cancun and Playa Del Carmen in the Yucatan Peninsula, and the capital of Mexico City, boast lush settings, picturesque architecture, and trendy design ideas that set the stage for nightlife extravaganzas.

A host of trendy clubs have sprung up in the last few years, attracting top performing DJs, celebrities and oceans of young revellers who have been swept up in the wave of excitement. The club scene is getting bigger and better… it won’t be long before Mexico will rival hotspots like Ibiza for the title of club capital of the world.

BPM Festival

The club craze is credited to the BPM Festival, held in Playa del Carmen since 2008. What began as a small celebration for “Bartenders, Promoters and Managers” (“BPM”), has become a global extravaganza attracting top DJs, producers and electronic dance fans. In 2014, the BPM Festival attracted 35,000 people!

The 10-day festival takes place in Quintana Roo National Park in Tulum, along the Riviera Maya. The dates for 2015 are 9-19 January, so if you want to go to this year’s event, be sure to book your tickets now before they sell out. With sets from artists including Ame, Sasha, Carl Cox, and Wolf & Lamb, this is one party not to miss!

New Year in Yucatán

The coastal resorts of the Yucatan are rich with holiday accommodations, and the weather at this time of year is an attractive location for visitors to substitute winter cold for summer sun. Cancun and Playa del Carmen are the most obvious choices, but it’s the lesser-known resorts that are staging the best parties. Last year, Tulum played host to a massive party by the London record label Young Turks, and it was the most talked about showcase. The 14-hour binge featured a host of top DJs, including The XX as the headlining act.

While more of Mexico is open to high-end tourist development these days, Cancun is keeping its title as the nation’s best party destination with a string of stylish and sexy bars. While Coco Bar and Mandala remain popular favourites, new clubs like La Vaquita (with its slogan, “Let’s Get Ridiculous”) provide unforgettable nights. For something a little more upmarket, the Elevate Ultra Club & Sky Garden is the epitome of sophistication.

Clubs in Mexico City

The capital, of course, cannot be overlooked—it’s yielding world-class club scenes. Blessed with fabulous venues and a bustling population that can really make a party pulsate, Mexico City nightclubs are the heartbeat of Mexican nightlife, and that energy is spilling out into the neighbourhoods.

Hailed as the top two clubs in the country, Mexico City’s SENS and HYDE celebrated their fifth year anniversaries recently. The bar has been set high, but the city seems prepared to take on the challenge. In the last couple of years a string of high-end clubs attracting the world’s best live artists have emerged including Joy Room, Lemon Condesa and Ragga.

The surrounding barrios are no stranger to party animals, particularly Zona Rosa—which will always have a booming, somewhat sordid nightlife, due to the abundance of strip clubs, topless bars and live music venues. The area buzzes with high-octane energy, and is a great place to take in pre-club beverages.

The latest hotspot is La Condesa, a one-time quiet neighbourhood that has attracted bohemian artistic types that create superfluous parties. With live music, theatrical shows and friendly revellers, it is not unusual for bars and cafes to stay open late and have a party of their own. This is not taken too kindly by the elderly locals, however, and several cafes have been closed down by the authorities—watch this space to see where this neighbourhood goes in the next few years.

If you’re a fan of the club scene, there are few places in the world that can match Mexico right now. The party’s on!