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Major Clean-Up Planned for Benidorm

The Spanish tourist hotspot of Benidorm is set to get a major clean up ready for the peak holiday season.

The clean-up will focus mainly on removing litter in the most popular of tourist locations. Additionally, the area’s parks and gardens’ concessionaire La Generala will be tidying up the green areas and removing weeds.

Local residents are reminded of the free removal service for any large items they want to dispose of, which is just a call to the council to arrange a pick up time.

Benidorm’s Councillor for Cleanliness Jose Ramon Gonzalez de Zarate announced the clean-up for the area and warned residents there was no excuse for littering Benidorm with large waste items.

“Now that residents know they can have their large items disposed of free of charge there is no excuse – and we will punish those who violate the city ordinances,” he added.

With a capacity to comfortably cope with 500,000 tourists, Benidorm is the most-visited area within Spain’s Costa Blanca region, even becoming eligible for UNESCO World Heritage status—but with this popularity comes a municipal challenge. Just last year, a team of volunteers descended on the area’s popular monument Benidorm’s Cross to remove the mass pile up of litter that had accumulated there over the summer.

The team scoured the three-kilometre route picking up the hundreds of bottles and cans that had been taken up to the viewing point and hadn’t been brought back down again.

The coastal town of Benidorm has more than 6 km of beaches, with many of them closed to the public overnight so that they can be cleaned and ready for the next day. Beach workers arrive at 10pm and clear the area of debris and litter before using machinery to rake over the sand eliminating any sign of foot traffic. These beaches bear the blue EU flag.

As well as removing litter, Benidorm Council is also spending hundreds of thousands of euros on improving the pavements in the area and providing better access for wheelchair users.

As late as the 1960s Benidorm was a small fishing village but following the emergence of the package holiday (as well as the popularity of television shows such as Benidorm), Benidorm has become the fifth most populous town in the Alicante region. Often referred to the “Manhattan of Spain” due to its high rise buildings, it’s plain that enough effort is being put into keeping Benidorm a welcoming and beautiful spot for many years to come.