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Magaluf – Is the Spanish Resort about to Ditch Its Boozy Reputation?

After a successful crackdown on anti-social behaviour in Magaluf, the Spanish resort is set to target the family market. Better known for its binge-drinking culture, particularly among young Brits, Magaluf is looking to ditch its rowdy image after it received negative publicity last year.

In 2014 local authorities attempted to clean up Magaluf’s boozy reputation after they appealed to British Police to offer support in patrolling the resort’s main strip.

They also banned drinking in the streets between the hours of 12pm and 8am, introduced fines of up to €3,000, and have insisted that companies who want to hold bar crawls have a license. Now, only approved guides are allowed to lead pub crawls.

Alfonso Rodriguez Badal, the mayor of Calvia, which is the city that covers Magaluf, claimed that the clampdown has not only led to a decrease in drunken and disorderly behaviour, but it has also altered the mix of tourists travelling to the resort.

According to Rodriguez Badal, since the summer of 2014 there has been 50% less arrests and anti-social behaviour has dropped by 18%. The bustling resort has also reported a 3.4% rise in the number of families visiting this summer.

In addition to these new changes, a multi-million pound plan was formed which will attempt to revamp Magaluf, and in doing so attract more upmarket tourists. The plan was unveiled yesterday and is set to transform the Spanish resort.

Moreover, investments to move away from its young and lively image have already begun. Rodriguez Badal said “change is already happening” and they have already spent €240 million improving hotels and streets over the past three years.

Although the resort hopes to retain its party tourism, it also wishes to attract more families and couples over its twenties target audience.

There are plans to increase the number of luxury hotels, bars, and restaurants in order to appeal to a higher-earning demographic of tourists. But according to hotel bosses this could take as long as 2020.

What do you think about these changes? Do you think Magaluf will be able to repair its tarnished image?

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