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Don’t abandon your lilo – turn it into a memory

Don’t abandon your lilo – turn it into a memory

Calling all British holidaymakers to #LoveYourLilo!

We’ve teamed up with sustainable designer Wyatt and Jack to encourage you to transform your unwanted holiday lilo into amazing designer bags and pouches.

Our research shows that British holidaymakers will leave nearly three million lilos behind after their 2019 holidays – that’s enough to build an inflatable bridge from Gatwick Airport to the popular resort of Hurghada on Egypt’s Red Sea coast!

In our survey of 2,000 people:

• 25% said they will leave their lilo at the hotel at the end of their holiday
• 9% will throw their lilo into the bin before heading home
• 57% of holidaymakers won’t reuse a lilo that has been left behind by someone else

With Brits set to take more than 8 million package holidays in 2019, that’s an incredible number of plastic lilos that will probably end up in landfill. So it’s time to protect the environment and ocean by tackling plastic waste abroad.

Turn your lilo into a new accessory

Do you like your fashion to stand out from the crowd?

We’ve teamed up with ‘upcycle’ specialist Wyatt and Jack to turn your holiday inflatable into an amazing range of stylish bags and pouches. Each one is unique, with the shape and design of your inflatable dictating the final product. By using your unwanted lilos they create fashionable items ensuring they generate little – if any – waste.

If you send your unwanted lilo to Wyatt and Jack for upcycling, we’ll cover the cost of your postage!
Looking for your new favourite accessory? You can upcycle your inflatable into any of the following items:

XL Tote – £45.90

Zipped Tote – £28.90

Zipped Pouch – £12.75

A5 Zip Pouch – £7.65

Triangle Pouch – £12.75

Mini Triangle Pouchie – £5.53

Even if you don’t want to place an order, you can still do your bit for the planet and send your unwanted inflatables to Wyatt and Jack so that they can turn them into cool accessories.

Ready to send in your unwanted inflatable?

With millions of package holidays taken by Brits over the past 12 months, taking action is now more important than ever to protect the environment.

Thank you for helping us tackle lilo waste abroad.

Please follow these simple steps to send your lilo to Wyatt and Jack:

1) Download your pre-paid label and order form.

2) Attach the label to the outside of your parcel.

3) Complete the order form and include it inside your parcel. Wyatt and Jack will contact you directly to arrange payment for any products requested.

4) Pop the package into your nearest post office and wait for the magic to happen!

Please note, we can only accept items weighing up to 950g, so only standard lilos and small inflatables will be accepted. If you’re sending several items that have a combined weight of more than 950g, please send them separately.

If you have any questions about your order and delivery, please contact Wyatt and Jack directly here.

Download pre-paid label

Download order form