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A Love Letter to Pinterest

Since February is traditionally the month of love, we thought we’d write a love letter to one of our favourite travel resources, Pinterest. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure, Pinterest is a network of theme boards where people can pin up their favourite images and videos.

And we’ve even taken our relationship to the next stage with HolidayHype on Pinterest, where we’ve pinned some of our favourite pictures, travel inspiration, places to dream about and more. Drop by and give us a thumbs up!

Pinterest is a great tool for travellers, photographers, backpackers, scrapbookers…basically anyone who is interested in sharing and organising images. It has stirred up a lot of attention recently and traffic increased by an estimated 429 per cent between September and December last year (according to

You can upload pictures and content to Pinterest boards by using the bookmarklet tool to pin as you browse the web. The next time you sign into Pinterest, they will appear on your board. Meanwhile, friends who follow your stream will be able to view your awesome new discoveries – such as this beautiful 365 Days of Wanderlust board.

It’s not only about topics, but about people who say something unique as well; traveller Gary Arndt uses Pinterest to catalogue his travels that span 100 countries and 7 continents. It’s also possible to search for travel inspiration on Pinterest by typing in keywords and scrolling through the boards – and once you find images you like, the site will suggest related ones.

Have we missed some excellent travel-related Pinterest boards? Share them with us! And remember, during Red Sea Month we’re especially keen on all things sandy and sunny…