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Love It Or Hate It, You’re Not Having It

Marmite is said to be an acquired taste, however in Denmark it doesn’t matter whether you love Marmite or hate it, as the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration have banned the product under food safety laws.

Love It Or Hate It, Marmite Is Banned In Denmark

Back in 2004, Danish legislation ruled that foods fortified with vitamins or minerals should be restricted, leading to Ovaltine, Horlicks, Rice Crispies and Shreddies all being removed from supermarket shelves. Any foodstuff with the ‘addition of vitamins, minerals and other substances’ has to first be approved by the Danish authorities following a health scare. They are concerned over the effect on pregnant women and children of these foods when combined with high vitamin levels in other foods.

Marmite appears to have slipped under the radar until now, perhaps because there is only a select few ex-pats that ever eat it; however the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration discovered it in a shop in Copenhagen and promptly banned the proprietor from selling it.

Marianne Orum, the shop owner stated “I don’t eat it myself; I don’t like it but Marmite was one of our best selling products. Not a day goes by without someone coming in and asking for it.” She also explained that the English find it unbelievable that Marmite could be banned, and that it was becoming impossible to run a business in Denmark anymore, with all the petty legislations.

The shop has now begun a ‘Bring Back Marmite’ campaign, with British ex-pats threatening to smuggle it into the country if necessary.