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Why We Love These Honeymoon Destinations (And You Should,Too!)

Every bride-to-be has an image of how they want to start married life. We understand that picking the perfect honeymoon can be stressful, so we have rounded up the most amazing honeymoon destinations to make it that little bit easier for you.


Best for – The Adventure Bride

Kenya is perfect for the bride who likes to get in the thick of the action, who booked an outdoor venue during the Great British Summer. She had her family pet as the ring bearer and wore wellies under her gown. If riding around in an open topped 4×4 with a long zoom lens on your camera and a pair of binoculars sounds like your idea of heaven then Kenya is the honeymoon holiday for you.


Best for – The Young & Lively Couple

Honeymoons in Mexico are perfect for couples who thought the favourite part of the wedding day was the evening reception party. Mexico has large hotels that ooze luxury fringed with gorgeous beaches. Once you have chilled out all day you can hit the world famous clubs and join the party until the morning.


Best For – Free Spirited Brides

Thailand is the honeymoon hotspot for brides who had Boho waves and a flower tiara. South Thailand is the place to soak up the sun and the beauty of these islands will have your jaw permanently pasted to the floor. Island and resort hopping is a great way for newly weds to explore Thailand.


Best For – Trendy brides

The cake was a Choccywoccydoodah creation and the wedding gown was a one off piece from a local boutique. Croatia is for the bride who has an eye for style, she knows what she wants and it is not on the high street. It is old world charm and cobbled streets mixed with modern bars and a glamorous vibe.

Dominican Republic

Best For -Value for Money Brides

Honeymoons to the Dominican Republic are ideal for brides who like value for money. The wedding favours were handmade keepsakes and the brides head piece is a family heirloom. Although the bride likes value for money this does not mean she likes it cheap. The Dominican Republic is perfect for the bride who wants a luxury honeymoon without the hefty price tag.


Best For – Shopping Addict Brides

If you walk down the aisle with a knowing smile that you didn’t pay full price for anything on your big day then Marrakech is the honeymoon hotspot for you. This bride haggled her way to a cut price wedding, from the caterer and reception drinks to the suits and dresses. Brides who cut a hard bargain and saved a lot of cash with expert skills will love Marrakech.

St Lucia

Best For – Luxury brides

For some brides the wedding day must be a no-expense-spared kind of occasion. The dress came straight off the catwalk and the wedding rings are a custom design from Tiffany’s. Every detail has a luxury touch to it and the honeymoon has to be the same. St Lucia is picture perfect white sands and clear waters. Hotels are of the highest standard and offer extras such as butler service and private pools.


Best For – Vintage Brides

Santorini is the perfect honeymoon destination for the vintage bride. The groom is her childhood sweetheart from school and her wedding dress was her mum’s that has been given a modern twist. This bride has something old, borrowed and blue on her big day and will love the whitewashed buildings and breath-taking postcard views Santorini has to offer.


Best For – Chilled Out Couple

There will be no ‘Bridezilla’ tantrums from this bride. She has a natural laid back approach and nothing will stress out this bride-to-be on her big day. She goes with the flow and enjoys every moment. Mauritius is the perfect destination to soak up a slice of paradise at your own pace.


Best For – Grooms Choice

Brazil is the honeymoon destination for the groom whose only job was to turn up on time! His better half organised the whole day with him in mind. She even made sure the reception drinks were bottles of beer and the wedding breakfast was a juicy steak cooked to the groom’s liking. Brazil is the honeymoon destination for grooms this year because it mixes gorgeous beaches, vibrant nightlife and the 2014 World Cup.