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Lonely Planet Releases Guide Book to World’s Most Stunning Sights

The seasoned traveller is always seeking out the most amazing sights and experiences possible for their next trip overseas, and it is always helpful to have a source of inspiration. One of the latest is a new guidebook being released by the well-respected Lonely Planet group, which promises to show prospective tourists “1,000 Ultimate Sights.”

The 352-page paperback largely consists of sumptuous pictures, which are divided into 100 different themed lists, ranging from the world’s most impressive rivers and the finest floral phenomena to witnessing the world’s deadliest predators or the world’s most unique fountains. There is even a section on the world’s most interesting metro stations for rail and transport enthusiasts.

The book gives essential information to any traveller hoping to witness spectacular animal migrations and breathtaking canyons in the natural world, or some of the more quirky monuments or atmospheric catacombs and dungeons across the world’s cities.

Lonely Planet co-founder Tony Wheeler has explained that the book was produced as a attempt to inspire more adventurous holidays through the impact of amazing sights.

“There are so many places in the world where I’ve ended up as a result of one tantalising glimpse in a movie, one photographic poster taster, one intriguing museum display, one seductive line in a novel,” he recalled.
“That one tiny temptation is all it took; actually getting there has, on occasion, taken decades, but eventually I’m standing there thinking: ‘well there it is, I’m finally seeing it.’”

As part of the publicity surrounding the book’s release, Lonely Planet has put together a list of some of the most incredible natural phenomena in the world, including the mass migrations of the red land crabs on Christmas Island, Australia and the stunning Lambert glacier in Antarctica. If I only see a fraction of the sights listed here or in the book, I’ll be very lucky!