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What it’s Like to go on Holiday With your Best Friend

We’ve all heard the stories about other friends’ holiday mishaps, but of course none of them will happen to you two because you’ve known each other for years. Yes, your friend maybe a little chaotic but, hey, holidays are for unwinding and having fun. It’s only when the day finally comes around, the morning of that horribly early flight, that you may start to have second thoughts – but it’s too late, you’re committed to your plans.

You’re all set for your holiday and ready to head to the airport with your best friend. You think that she’s ordered the taxi, only to discover that she hasn’t and wants you to request a last minute Uber – is this a bad omen for your holiday?

Oh dear

It’s a couple of hours after you’ve landed in your holiday destination and you want to go exploring but your friend is still unpacking.

Did you bring the kitchen sink?

Your best friend assures you she knows about the best restaurant in town, you’ve now been looking for this treasure for what seems like a very long time…

Are we there yet?

When you finally reach the place, it’s a dive and you find yourselves being eyed up by the local slob.

Oh no

You remember why you love your best friend when she thinks of a novel way for cooling off in the searing heat.

Aah, bliss

Drinking the bar dry is always a popular activity for both of you.


Dancing has always been a common interest.

Check out our moves

As the night continues you discover your friend really does need to be the life and soul of a party – always.

You don’t need another drink

The morning after you discover your friend is impossible to wake up in the morning.

Wake up – now

Having told your friend you don’t have a head for heights, they try to persuade you otherwise.


Who knew your friend had such a passion for museums?


But you can both laugh at the strange guy who’s selling souvenirs.

What is that?

You both enjoy channeling your inner surfer babe, even though neither of you can stand up on the board…


You never knew  anybody could take so long to put on their make-up.

How much longer?

Why did she tell you that the mascara was waterproof?


She wants to continue sightseeing but you just want to sit down and eat. She doesn’t agree.

I’m starving

You discover you don’t always share the same taste in music.


Never buy tickets from a local tout, contrary to your friend’s advice.

It’s going to end badly

You don’t always agree with your friend’s choice of transport from the beach to the hotel.


Slow down!

Sometimes the new friends she recruits to party with you are a little disturbing.

Who are you!?

Perhaps trusting your friend’s translation tips wasn’t such a good idea – the sign in the shop said ‘bargain’ – not ‘free’.

Lost in translation

Try telling your friend a holiday romance isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Dream on

Finding out she’s lost her handbag – which had both of your phones in – can prove tricky.

Old technology doesn’t rule

It might not have been the holiday you imagined, but you still had an awesome time!

You love your best friend, you really do, but you should never underestimate what they’re capable of when exposed to vitamin D. That being said, you’ll totally still go on holiday with them again.