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You Know You’ve Been to Paphos When…

Paphos is a fascinating city on the southwest coast of Cyprus filled with holiday-makers and history galore. From exploring historical sites, tasting delicious Cypriot delicacies and relaxing on some divine beaches, you’re not likely to forget your adventures in Paphos quickly. So we’ve put together a list of the things you’ll definitely relate to if you’ve been on holiday to this magnificent city.

You’ve turned into a Greek mythology geek

If you’re a history buff or just love the ancient Greek myths and legends, then Paphos is the place for you. The coastline is where Aphrodite is said to have been born and you’ll see evidence of that everywhere. From visiting Aphrodite’s Rock to Roman Villa and the House of Dionysus to the many groves and temples hidden without the island, the gods and goddesses are represented everywhere.

Once you’ve lost yourself in some of these magnificent places you’ll find it hard not to research this intriguing subject further.

You’re totally in love with cheese… and wine

The national cheese of Cyprus is Halloumi and you’ll easily be able to try some anywhere within the city. As well as this you’ll find a lot of dishes use feta cheese and sometimes goats cheese for an authentic taste. The cuisine is inspired by the Greek and Turkish nationals who moved onto the island, as well as the Mediterranean temperate. You may have visited some of the vineyards on the island as well and had the chance to experience the wine or the sweet grape jelly that they make some very memorable sweets out of.

You’ve said hello to your inner explorer

There are two mountain ranges and countless areas of the island to explore. If you can’t drive or don’t want to rent out a 4×4 for yourself, you can arrange to go on guided tours with companies out into the wilderness. From exploring beaches through Segway tours, sea walking, tiger boating, and diving, there’s no end to new experiences waiting for you by the beach.

While on land there are numerous woodland excursions and historical day trips to keep you busy. Whether you stick to your group or decide to meet someone new, Paphos is an interesting base to explore the rest of the island and you don’t even need to book some excursions until you get there.

You’re learning Greek

Paphos is on the coast of what was the Greek side of Cyprus so you’ll run into a lot of Greeks and get to know the sound of this beautiful language pretty well. Whilst tasting the food and visiting the sites you may have picked up on a little of the language yourself. You certainly will have found some of the many Greek restaurants are relaxing places to people watch and enjoy the atmosphere to a point where you may even begin to feel like one of the family.

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