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You know you’ve been to Ibiza when…


Opening parties, closing parties and all the parties in between, Ibiza is the island that never sleeps. There is something about Ibiza that stirs up an overwhelming excitement as you countdown the days till you’re back on the White Isle living it up in one of the super clubs.

  • You know that you are going to lose a week of your life and have no memory to show for it.
  • [Tweet “You’ve come home paler than you went away #Ibiza”]
  • Your plane lands at 1am and you are ordering your first round of drinks by 2.30am.
  • You don’t think twice when the barman asks for €20 for a standard vodka and coke in one of the world famous nightclubs.
  • You head to McDonalds opposite the port in Ibiza Town as you know it has the fastest WiFi in the area.
  • The next time you’ll be eating breakfast is when you’re back home in England – you’re not even sure Ibiza offers breakfast!
  • You go to the beach parties early as you know that you get unlimited drinks for a few hours.
  • You’d sell your soul to get your hands on a workers band as they get you into the super clubs at a discounted price.
  • [Tweet “You’ve worked all hours in a fast food restaurant for months so you can blow it all in one week #Ibiza2015”]
  • You’ve made friends with the promo team to qualify for mate’s rate jager bombs.
  • The biggest dilemma you’ve had to face all year is weather to go for the opening or closing parties.
  • You learned the hard way to leave the heels at home and instead bring wedge shoes.
  • You have cheap sunglasses that they giveaway at the bars scattered around your hotel room.
  • You know where the egg is.

The egg with a million stories #TheEggIbiza

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  • The excitement of watching the sunset in Cafe Mambo is almost too much to bear.
  • The classic keepsake is the party fan from one of the clubs you visited which you will hang off your bed or stand on your window sill for years to come.


  • You firmly believe Berocca holds magical properties.
  • You’d love to stay in Ushuaia Beach hotel but your budget only stretches to Piscis Park.
  • No matter what time of day it is you always head to Bora Bora beach.
  • Even though you’ve got the monster of all hangovers you don’t pass up the opportunity on going on the party boat. It’s either go hard or go home.
  • Atlantis cliff jump is one of the scariest yet awesome things you’ve done. Ever.
  • Staying up till midnight to book your flight for the opening parties.
  • Knowing you’ll have to work another 640 hours over the summer to afford the closing parties your mates are talking you into going to.
  • Flicking through your phone camera on the flight home and feeling like an extra on The Hangover.
  • [Tweet “You update you Facebook status ‘this time last week…'”]
  • The few days after you arrive home nothing feels quiet right, you hate your job and you can’t settle. You’re having a holiday hangover and there’s only one cure.