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You Know You’ve Been To Crete When…

It’s all about the parties at night and relaxing during the day in Crete. Whether you’re a hard-core partier or a history buff, strange things happen on this Greek Island. A sense of excitement takes over you as soon as you book your holiday, leaving you feeling like a 6 year old at Christmas. So come on who can relate to any of these?

  • You have a countdown which looks something like this – 4 weeks, 3 days, 56 hours, 13 minutes and 5 seconds until you head to Crete

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  • You feel the need to share this countdown every other day on Facebook
  • When the day of your holiday finally arrives you’re so excited you haven’t slept, which soon becomes a problem when you can’t keep your eyes open on the journey to the airport.
  • You and your mates turn up at the airport wearing matching t-shirts
  • With your selfie sticks in hand you take a few selfies and post them on Facebook with the caption‘see you in a week’
  • Arriving at Heraklion Airport you mentally prepare yourself for the never ending queue at passport control
  • But you’re pleasantly surprised when you are fast tracked
  • As you hop on your transfer coach you can’t believe your luck when you realise you’re the first drop off
  •  Once at your hotel you instantly regret packing a month’s worth of clothes as you struggle to carry your suitcase up three flights of stairs!
  • After getting a ‘guided’ tour of your room
  •  You finally hit the clubs and can barely contain your excitement
  • Being the hard-core partier that you are, you roll into bed at 4am the next morning wishing you had said no to that last drink
  • Treating yourself to a pamper at the six senses spa because after all you’re on holiday
  • You now know exactly where to find Baraki Bar
  •  A day of fun is spent at the Acqua Plus waterpark where you and your friends race down the Black Hole
  •  Your Sunday is spent loving life on Malia’s famous booze cruise

Sunday means one thing! Time for the official Malia booze cruise! #partyhardmalia #malia2015 #maliaboozecruise A photo posted by Party Hard Malia (@partyhardmalia) on

  • You only head to Balos Beach if you want a peaceful day of sunbathing
  • As your holiday comes to an end you tell everyone that you’ve had the best week of your life and you would do it all again in a heartbeat
  • It’s your first week at home and you have serious holiday blues
  • You decide to reminisce on your #Holidaymemories by uploading dozens of photos onto Instagram followed by a crying emoticon.