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Beat the Heat – Top 10 Ways to Keep Cool on Holiday

With the temperatures on the rise across the world, we want to ensure you stay safe and cool when you head on your holiday this summer. 2018 has certainly been a scorcher and sun-worshippers will be lapping up...

A Guide to Mexico’s Weather

The most popular region of Mexico is its eastern shoreline, especially in the resorts that help connect the country to the sumptuous Caribbean. Whether you’re jetting out to Cancun or retreating to the more secluded Playacar, there are a few facts it’s best to get under your belt before packing your bags.

Highlights of Mexico

Tame this passionate paradise on your next holiday with our guide to the hottest attractions Mexico has to offer, from the Mayan Ruins to Cozumel Island and more!
mexican currency

A Guide to Mexican Currency

With colourful markets, mouthwatering street food and tequila flowing nightclubs Mexico is one popular spot to spend your holiday budget. But what currency does Mexico use, and how can you get the most bang for your buck while visiting these sun-kissed shores? Take a read through our currency guide and get prepared for your next Mexican holiday.

Insider Interview: Discover Authentic Greece

For the next edition of our Insider Interview series, we get together with Marian from Days of Bliss, who lives and breathes all things Greece. We’ve been lucky enough to pick her brains about everything that makes Greece a brilliant place to visit.

The Complete Guide to Packing for Iceland

You’ve just booked your Iceland holiday, but there’s one problem, what do you pack? Don't worry, we've listed everything you'll need for a trip to Iceland.

Dominican Republic: North vs South

Toe-sinking sands, stretches of Caribbean Sea, and a bustling centre – just a few of the ways to describe the southern part of the Dominican. The north on the other hand boasts wonders of Mother Nature, colourful coral...