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What Kind of X Factor Judge Are You?

Take our X Factor Judges test to see whether you’re a hard-nosed Cowell or a soft-centred Cole.

Have you ever imagined yourself being part of the X Factor?
Not as a contestant, but as one of the judges?

If you’ve ever thought that one of the great judges to grace the X Factor panel was reading your mind when commenting on a performance, then you might have more in common with them than you think. See which one of the classic X Factor judges fits your style best.

Situation 1

It’s audition time and a prospective contestant has given a subpar performance. Do you:

  • A: Recline and nonchalantly inform them that they have given the worst performance that you have ever seen on any series of this show.
  • B: Give them your best sympathetic and reassuring look, then tell them that while they have a lot of heart, the vocals aren’t up to the task.
  • C: Let them know that they were bad, without any fuss, but without any unnecessary meanness either.
  • D: Provide the show with a controversial moment and say that you loved it.

Situation 2

A contestant being mentored by one of the other judges has just given the performance of their life.
The crowds are roaring their approval and the other judges are showering the contestant with praise. It’s your turn to speak, do you:

  • A: Assume a deadpan expression and say: “I have to say… that was…” then pause for dramatic effect, “… your strongest performance of this competition.”
  • B: Tell them how much you loved the song and how much you respect them as a person as well as a performer, through tearful sobs.
  • C: Generally congratulate them on a great performance, but slip in a backhanded compliment that takes the edge off their moment.
  • D: Wave your arms around enthusiastically, declaring the contestant to be the next hit diva / star / sensation / musical god.

Situation 3

One of the contestants that you are mentoring comes to you with doubts that they can go on, due to personal reasons. How do you encourage them to stay in the competition?

  • A: Coolly remind them of how much money can be made off the back of just one recorded single.
  • B: Give them a heartfelt hug and say that you’ll support whatever decision they make, unintentionally guilt-tripping them into staying.
  • C: Tell them to get a grip, stick it out and believe in their own ability.
  • D: Tell them a comforting story about your childhood and your own struggle against adversity. Exaggerate massively.

Situation 4

After you’ve spoken your piece about a performance, one of your fellow judges openly belittles your opinion. How do you respond?

  • A: Pull out a snappy one-liner about a terrible song choice made by the judge who insulted you.
  • B: Pout outrageously. Throw in a dismissive gesture and a two-word summary of their opinion.
  • C: Calmly and coolly restate your opinion. Then remorselessly attack that judge’s next contestant.
  • D: Make a face like a 12-year-old kid who’s just been told that they’re not getting any Xmas presents.

Situation 5

It’s finals time and you need to rally public support for your contestant. It’s your last chance to talk them up, what do you say?

  • A: “Their last performance speaks for itself. I think they can go all the way so please show your appreciation for them.”
  • B: “They’ve put their heart and soul into this competition and nobody wants it or deserves it more.”
  • C: “They’ve proved time and time again that they can bring out their best performance, regardless of what’s been thrown at them.”
  • D: “I want everyone at home voting, get off your sofa and on your phones right now! They’re the next pop sensation, they’re fun, they’re entertaining, they’ve got the X Factor!”

So the votes are in. Find out which classic X Factor judge you are most like.

If you mostly answered “A” then you are…

Simon Cowell: You’re a master businessman who knows how music works and you know talent when you see it. You’re out to find that nugget of pop music gold and polish it until it shines. You may get a reputation for being harsh, but it’s all in the contestant’s own interest you know!

If you mostly answered “B” then you are…

Cheryl Cole: You’re kind-hearted, genuine and impassioned. You’re not the sort to hold back when you feel the tears welling up. That’s not to say that you let your emotions rule your judgement, but you pour all of yourself into mentoring your contestants.

If you mostly answered “C” then you are…

Dannii Minogue: You’re the consummate professional. You keep cool, calm and collected and rarely engage in passionate outbursts with either judges or contestants. You have a very clear idea of how the game is played and you’re not above making a few tactical manoeuvres to help your contestant make it to the finals.

If you mostly answered “D” then you are…

Louis Walsh: You’re a highly charged bundle of enthusiasm. You never use one word where 20 will do and your arms flap around wildly as if they are trying to escape from your body. Nobody doubts your commitment to the contestants in your care, even if they can’t sing to save their lives.