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Jamaica’s most Instagrammed spots

While Jamaica has its fair share of lively resorts, like Montego Bay and Ocho Rios, Instagram is instead awash with snaps of this beautiful island’s natural wonders.

People ascend the peaks then whizz back down with camera in hand or take shots beneath Jamaica’s flowing waterfalls. Here are the top Instagram spots from across Jamaica.

Dunn’s River Falls

One of Jamaica’s most popular attractions, the Dunn’s River has waterfalls up to a height of 180 metres that cascade in stages, meaning you can easily climb up to the top – just remember your waterproof camera.

Sitting under the powerful water gives you a natural massage, and you can follow the river to reach a small beach. If you recognise the falls, it’s because the James Bond film, Dr. No, was filmed here.

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Mystic Mountain

Mystic Mountain brings you lots of adventurous activities to try in the midst of beautiful green peaks. You can bob sled Cool Runnings style down a 1000-metre-long gravity-driven track – skilful Instagrammers are able to snap the descent with one hand on the brake.

The trip to the top of the run is just as thrilling, as a Sky Explorer chair lift will take you up through the jungle. If you don’t fancy bob sledding down, you can take the zip line instead.

Seven Mile Beach

Actually four miles long, we’ll let Seven Mile Beach off for being so gorgeous. And it seems Instagrammers have too as this Negril beach is a firm photo favourite.

The open views here make for some seriously envious holiday snaps, but the beach also has plenty of resorts and lots going on like watersports and horse riding.

Martha Brae

Head to Rafter’s Village to start your Martha Brae River rafting expedition and snap the green water and riverbanks as you go.

This beautiful island has lawns you can picnic on before being paddled on a nine-metre raft for an hour towards the coast at Falmouth.

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Rick’s Café

Perched on a Negril cliff edge, Rick’s Café is known for its excellent jerk chicken and live music with unrivalled sea views.

It’s in a quiet area called West End, but Rick’s certainly ups the ante – you can get pictures of people jumping off the 10-metre-plus cliff, or even have a go yourself. The café also faces west to provide beautiful sunset shots.

Blue Mountains

In the east of Jamaica, the Blue Mountains are a UNESCO World Heritage mountain range best known for producing the delicious coffee of the same name.

However, most Instagrammers come here to snap the lush undulating hills that include the country’s highest peak, at 2,256 metres. On a clear day you can see Cuba from up here, but lucky snappers will get to picture the blue light that occurs when fog descends on the peaks.

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If you’ve been to Jamaica, what scenes did you fill your Instagram feed with? Or do the above Instagrammer’s shots have your shutter primed for your next holiday.