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Five Things You Probably Didn’t Know about ITV1’s Benidorm

Who would have thought a humble comedy series featuring down-to-earth Brits on holiday in Benidorm would be such a hit?  Here are just a few little-known Benidorm facts:

1. Joan Collins is a Benidorm Fan

Benidorm was created and written by comedy writer Derren Litten, who announced that he was quitting the show in 2011, but was enticed back on board when Jackie Collins tweeted, “Benidorm is totally fab. My sis Joan Collins would love to do a guest shot on it. I got her addicted!!!” To which the author replied, “Wow! That’s amazing! But what about you too?! We want you BOTH!’” Stay tuned for a Jackie-and-Joan Benidorm extravaganza!

2. Benidorm: The Movie

Every year Benidorm’s ratings improve – last year the 4th season attracted more than eight million viewers and included guest appearances by Cilla Black and Bananarama. This success has started rumours that we’re soon going to see Benidorm: The Movie (something like the Inbetweeners!?), which none of the cast has confirmed or denied. The fact that the show got nominated for a TV Choice Award for Best Comedy Series 2012 doesn’t hurt either

3. The Guide Book

The Benidorm Guide to a Happy Holiday is written by the same writer as the TV episodes and includes advice from Solana regulars that include tanning tips from Madge Harvey, a guide to holiday romance from Mateo and advice on how to make your holiday “swing” from Donald and Jacqueline. Plenty of tongue-in-cheek humour (so to speak) and pictures of the cast make this book a great gift for fans.

4. Benidorm’s Got Talent!

The cast of Benidorm took to the stage to impress Simon Cowell and Britain’s Got Talent judges for Sport Relief 2012. Kenneth, Mateo, Michael and Liam did their best boy-band impression of Let’s Get Ready to Rumble, but all Simon could say was, “This was arguably one of the worst groups I have ever seen in my life.” Shame on you, Simon!

5. Meet the Cast in Benidorm!

During an interview with Siobhan Finneraran, she mentioned that the cast used to like to go out and get “Bennied”, i.e. hit the clubs ‘til four in the morning. This year, though, she said they prefer to get something nice to eat and enjoy their days off the next day. Smart thinking! If you’re eager to share a tapa with Janice Garvey, head over to Benidorm and you might get lucky!