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It’s Time You Tasted Africa’s Healthy and Delicious Dishes

You don’t often associate holidaying with healthy food, but one of the beauties of African cuisine – aside from the sheer diversity on offer across the continent – is the volume of healthy dishes that hold nothing back in terms of flavour.

Here we have just three examples of how African flavours can be both good for you and intensely delicious…


Morocco is probably home to Africa’s most famous recipes, a deep mix of herbs and spices seasoned into centuries of culinary evolution. A blend of Mediterranean, Arabic, Andalusian and Berber cuisine has fused into Moroccan food as we know it today: a mean collection of hearty mains and light sides that all pack a serious flavour punch.

For an authentic taste of Moroccan cuisine you’ll want to go straight to the source, visiting the country’s intoxicating spice markets and indulging in the local food for yourself.

In the meantime, you can try your hand at a few recipes for a sneak preview:

Cape Verde

Cape Verde’s cuisine is a cocktail of tropical ingredients and fresh produce, making it difficult to get that authentic flavour without visiting the islands yourself. With less spice than its Moroccan cousin, Cape Verdean cuisine takes a more zesty approach with lemon, avocado and chopped herbs accompanying a range of meats and fish – plus the staple ingredient of corn.

Fruit plays a large role in local food, with bananas and papaya growing all year round, while mangos and other fruits harvest seasonally. The result is a fine balance between filling mains and sweet sides with strong influence from Portuguese colonial rule.

Cape Verdean recipes can be a little harder to find, but here are some options to warm up your taste buds:


Proof of the culinary diversity across this vast continent, cheap Mauritius holiday offers up a plate of African cuisine with twists of Chinese, Indian and European (particularly French) influence. The street food on this island alone makes it worth a visit – not to mention the perfect beaches and impeccable weather – and the sheer number of dishes makes it impossible to try everything in a single visit.

From sweet fruits coated in chilli and sugar, to hot curries and Chinese noodle dishes, you’re only a few steps away from something entirely different and it’s amazing so much delicious food can be crammed onto one small island.

Check out these recipes for s peak at what awaits you on the tropical island:

There’s so much to taste across Africa’s legendary deserts, coastal towns, cosmopolitan cities, and tropical regions. And of course, we want to hear all about the best things you’ve ever eaten while travelling—leave your recommendations and recipes in the comments below!

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