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Italy’s Best Sightseeing Spots

A holiday to Italy is always high on many a holidaymaker’s list of destinations. The country’s mix of classic culture, timeless style, superb cuisine and iconic landmarks make it a destination that’s shouting out to fill your camera’s memory card with sublime sights. If you’re looking forward to your Italian getaway, get a head-start on your planned sightseeing with our recommendations of the country’s top places to enjoy.

Renaissance memories in Tuscany

The heartlands of Italy are best found in Tuscany, which is as famous for its rolling fields of golden sunflowers and farmland as for the superb medieval architecture that created the Renaissance.

You can visit Florence today to walk in the footsteps of those centuries-gone intellectual giants, as well as marvelling as the gorgeous dome and towers of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. Cross the River Arno over the famous Ponte Veggio bridge, clustered across its span with little cottages and shops, to reach the magnificent Piazza dei Pitti. That palatial building sprawls across Florence’s south with breathtaking majesty.

Another glimpse into the past can be seen in Siena, a hilltop town whose medieval beginnings can still be felt in its structures today. And of course, no trip to Italy is complete without visiting Pisa and its landmark Leaning Tower, also found in Tuscany.

Savour the countryside around the Italian Lakes

When it’s time to get back to nature, Italy’s finest retreats garland the shores of Lake Garda, Lake Como and Lake Maggiore. The Italian Lakes are immense and soothing, with little teracotta-roofed towns clustered by their edges, infused with community spirit.

Riva del Garda is a popular little town for those of us looking to make the most of the water. While the more active watersports are always available, the most relaxing way to take in the sights is to go on a boat trip over rich blue water. Bring the camera to capture dramatic shots of the immense tree-peppered mountains all around.

See Sicily and Sardinia for islands in the sun

Italy is so much more than its mainland. Both Sicily and Sardinia offer distinctive twists on the classic Italian character, and it helps that their sightseeing hotspots are first class. For instance, Sicily is home to sunny beaches and chic towns like Cefalu, yet it’s also the home of volcanic Mount Etna, which rises in the centre of the island, begging to be photographed. Natural parks surrounding that peak can be visited all year round, so you’re sure to get a great view.

Meanwhile, Sardinia has plenty of charm to be found in towns like Olbia, yet that’s also pretty close to the Giant’s Grave, an ancient stone structure similar to Stonehenge back home. When you’ve added that one to your album, head further afield to check out Sardinia’s ruins, where columns and crumbled walls speak of the long lost Nuragic civilisation.

Not forgetting the capital, Rome

You won’t be short of places to visit in the heart of Italy. Holidaymakers come from all over the world to tour the Colosseum, make a wish in the Trevi Fountain and climb the Spanish steps. But if you thought landmarks were the main reason to visit Rome, then think again. Packed full of treasured pieces of art, historic traditions and more pizza joints than you can shake a bread stick at, you only have to wander down the street to see a sight you can’t wait to capture on camera.

If the sights weren’t enough, a quick trip to the smallest country in the world should be on your to-do list. It’s free to enter the Vatican City and you might even see the Pope giving a speech.

Italy is a superb sightseeing holiday destination that’s brimming with things to engage you. Don’t be shy in sharing your favourites with us in the comments below. Can’t wait to see the sights for yourself? Book your holiday to Italy today!





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