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Is A Pocket Toilet On Your Christmas Wish List This Year?

The latest ‘must have’ accessory for all festival goers and frequent travellers has to be the pocket toilet.

The Pocket Toilet Is Perfect For Family Camping Trips

Although the product, which is manufactured by Ardern Healthcare, has been around for a while, it has seen a sudden boost in popularity. The pocket toilet is quite literally a toilet in a carrier bag that is small enough to fit into your pocket and contains a highly absorbent pad which turns liquid into gel almost instantly, you then simply dispose of the bag, and although mainly aimed at men, it can be used by ladies too.

It will easily fit into the glove compartment of your car, backpack whilst travelling or handbag when on a day out.

Car accessories and leisure retailer; Halfords have noticed a sudden increase in demand for the product and are confident it will be on many people’s Christmas wish list. Sales of the pocket toilet increased over the summer months and especially around the dates of major festivals such as Glastonbury and T in the Park.

A 'Must Have' At Summer Festivals

The product is marketed as being superabsorbent with no smells or leaks, and a Halfords spokesperson highlighted the fact that “We want to help our customers stay on the move and enjoy their journeys.”

They continued, “This very effective product is great for ‘staycationing’ and festival-going which involves some longer journeys with no guarantee where the next place to stop will be.”

He also predicted a boom in Christmas sales as people travel on longer journeys to visit family and friends, but couldn’t quite believe that they would be bought as presents. The pocket toilet retails at £3.99.