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Introducing Hyperboy – King of the Clouds

In May last year Vietnamese game developer Dong Nguyen created a phenomenon with the hyper-additive, fury-inducing game, ‘Flappy Bird’. The simple concept involved tapping the screen of your phone to make a little bird fly, while trying to avoid obstacles that looked like over-sized plumbing.

Gamers in a flap over Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird was difficult. Very difficult! But that didn’t prevent it from taking the world by storm, and 50 million downloads later it was the most popular App Store game of the last 12 months.

Flappy Bird DEAD! The world mourns

When the author decided to pull the app due to criticism of its incredibly frustrating game-play, social media went ballistic, with hashtags such as #RIPFlappyBird and #SaveFlappyBird trending on Twitter. Not since Monty Python’s Norwegian Blue became permanently “stunned” was a fake bird so vehemently lamented.

When Flappy Bird was finally pushed off its App Store perch by the game’s developer, some gamers took to eBay to cash-in on the Flappy Bird furor, selling their mobile devices with the game still loaded on.

Phones were listed on eBay for thousands of pounds, the highest recorded being an iPhone5 selling for an eye-watering £59,000 (#RIPcommonsense).

In the aftermath of FlappyGate many fellow game developers showed their support for Dong Nguyen by running ‘Flappy Jam’ – a virtual community project that spawned over 800 new ‘flappy’ games in homage to the original.

This is not Flappy Bird – this is just a tribute

As fans of old-Flappy and his pipe-clattering antics, the team here at Holiday Hypermarket were inspired to create our very own addictive tribute to the game.

With that in mind, it is our great pleasure to introduce you to Hyperboy – our jet-setting, cloud-fearing, star-collecting hero.

Hyper BoyThe aim of the game is simple (and probably quite familiar). Tap or click your way through the game to help Hyperboy jump through the clouds on his journey around the world, collecting stars along the way.

Gain points for each cloud you pass without crashing into it. You can also collect bonus stars which will be added to your score at the end of the game.

Challenge your friends to see who is truly the king or queen of the clouds! Our game is compatible with your mobile and tablet devices and is accessed through our Facebook page

View High Scores and invite your friends to play

hyper boy start sreen

Collect the stars for bonus points and avoid the clouds along the way

hyper boy clouds

See how many famous monuments you recognise along the way

Hyper Boy