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Looking for a new ‘pool’ of friends? We know just where to find them…

Looking for a new ‘pool’ of friends? We know just where to find them…

83% of Brits find new friendships while on holiday

Our recent research has found that a surprisingly large amount of British holidaymakers have formed new friendships while away on holiday.

Of the 1,500 polled a whopping 83% say they’ve made new friends on holiday and we’re not just talking about those short-lived conversations that strike up while you’re enjoying one too many cocktails around the pool in the likes of Benidorm. Data reveals that 68% actually keep in touch with one another, even when they’ve returned home.

Two thirds make friends during their couples getaway

No matter what kind of holiday you’re on, we’ve got the evidence that suggests you too could be returning home with some permanent pals. While continuously bumping into that same couple in the hotel bar every night may be overlooked as a coincidence, for many it can be the start of a long-running companionship. Particularly those who are on a couples getaway themselves, as 61% of respondents said they’ve formed new friendships while being away with their other halves. This is followed closely by those that were away with their family.

Holidays can result in long-lasting friendships of over 10 years

With the busy lifestyles that we all live today, it’s not always easy keeping in touch with our current friends never mind any new acquaintances, however it appears that holidaymakers do a noticeably good job at it with over one third staying friends for at least five years on from initially crossing paths. As for those aged over 65, one in four have friendships still going strong 10 years later!

Social media is the key to staying in touch

But, how exactly do people stay in touch? It may come as no surprise that social media and the likes of Facebook and Twitter are the preferred way of keeping up to date on each other’s lives. This is followed closely by those who actually meet back up with one another. Whether it’s occasionally, on a regular basis or very rarely, 27% say they make sure that they see each other again.

Another popular way of catching up is with a simple text or instant message whereas the more old-school methods of sending emails or letters are only used by a small minority. As for chatting on the phone, data suggests this is a thing of the past with only 8% staying in touch this way.

Sometimes life just gets in the way

While making friends on holiday is all well and good, one third admit that unfortunately they don’t actually stay in touch with their new mates. Sadly, almost half of those live just that little too far away from each other. Others say they didn’t end up swapping their contact details or if they did they’ve admittedly lost them! And for a small 9% there’s just not enough hours in the day, as they can’t find the time to catch up.

Only 7% shun socialising abroad

We get that socialising abroad isn’t for everyone and there’s still those that book a getaway to do exactly that — getaway from everyone. Of those surveyed, 7% said that they never socialise with other holidaymakers but they don’t keep themselves totally to themselves, it all depends on the circumstances. For example, when asked what they would do if they bumped into a work colleague abroad, just over two thirds said that they would in fact have a quick chat. On the other hand, there’s 16% that would avoid them at all costs.

Similar reactions would occur if they bumped into an old school friend with 58% saying they’d stop for a quick chat although one in four people admit that they would avoid them at all costs. As for stumbling across a member of their extended family in the same destination, 52% would happily arrange to meet up with them again during their trip!

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