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Interesting Facts for Kids: Red Sea

Wrapping up Red Sea holidays Month, we thought we’d share some fun facts about Egypt and the Red Sea, just to whet your appetite until you’re on the plane to one of the most tantalising places in the world. Just over 1,000 miles separates Africa and Asia and borders numerous countries, and in addition to the tantalising desert and gorgeous seascape, the Red Sea is a great place to take the kids on a family holiday.

Fun Red Sea facts for kids:

“Nemo” the clownfish can be seen in Red Sea reefs, hiding among the tentacles of colourful sea anemones. These cute little fish are immune to the stinging tentacles of anemones because they’re covered in slimy mucus. Not so cute anymore, right?

The Red Sea is a really popular place to visit with children because about 40 per cent of it is under 330 feet and 25 per cent is under 165 feet, meaning snorkelers and younger paddlers can view numerous fish in a variety of unique marine habitats without having to dive to the ocean depths.

Egypt is uniquely historical but not filled with dusty museums that can be boring for children. Famous as the birthplace of lighthouses, it has landmark lighthouses on Shewan and in Daedalus, while visitors can dive to one of the first prototype lighthouses that was built in the early third century BC – the Pharaos of Alexandria. Reaching over 400 feet, this lighthouse is taller than some skyscrapers in modern cities.

There is plenty of opportunity for learning in the Red Sea, which has one of the richest biodiversities worldwide, in salt-pans, undersea coral reefs, sea-grass beds and mangrove swamps. This last in particular, produces honey and flowers, protects inland plants from salt saturation and acts as a nursery for juvenile fish (many reef sharks seein their adolescence in the mangroves).

Take the kids on a holiday to the Sharm el Sheikh, Hurghada or other resorts on the Red Sea Riviera and enjoy the numerous wonders of “Bahr al-Ahmar”. Got any questions about taking kids to all-inclusive resorts? Ask us!