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10 Holiday Photos You’re Guilty Of Instagramming

10 Holiday Photos You’re Guilty Of Instagramming

Who can resist sharing your wonderful holiday photos? From Facebook to Instagram to Snapchat, we’ve seen it all before. So to celebrate #WorldPhotoDay, we’re turning our attention to the typical Instagram snaps we’ve seen fill up our feeds all summer.

The perfect holiday nails

You’re going on holiday and you’ve spent the last few weeks worrying about the state of your natural nails. What do you do? You get your nails done! Acrylic nails seem to be the new craze this summer and plenty of people are jumping onto the trend and Instagramming pictures of their beautiful holiday manicures.

The swimsuit snap

It’s the weeks building up to your holiday. Your days are filled with a flurry of activity but you still make time to snap a picture of your new clothing purchases – particularly your beautiful summer swimwear.

?Специальная цена!!!!? Такой солнечный ?в наличии в последнем размере – S ! ?Высокое качество!? ?Отлично подойдет для небольшой груди!???? ?Для заказа и по всем вопросам ?Viber/WhatsApp/sms ?0932804109 ?Доставка по Украине 1-2 дня! #kamillas_boutique_swimwear #купальники#купальник#купальниквналичии#купальники2016#купитькупальник #неопреновыйкупальник #неопрен#бикини#купальникукраина#купальникизнеопрена#пляжнаяодежда#море#купальникитриангл#триангл#трианглукраина#солнце#солнцеморепляж#swim#swimwear#swimmingpool#swimsuit#bikini#triangl#купальникиодесса

A photo posted by ?КУПАЛЬНИКИ??АКСЕССУАРЫ? (@kamillas_boutique) on

Suitcase savvy

All packed and ready to go! You can’t wait to be on your way to the airport, jetting off to your relaxing holiday destination. But wait, you can’t possibly leave without posting a picture of your perfectly packed suitcase.

Renk konusunda istikrarlıyım ?? #istanbulforanight #packing #offtonyc ✈️?

A photo posted by Rachel Araz (@rachelaraz) on

Passport patrol

The big day has arrived! You’re making your way to the airport and simply can’t resist the chance to share your excitement with all your friends and family. How better to do it than by taking a picture of your passport and boarding pass? We’ve seen this photo time and time again, but you must admit you get a secret thrill from making all your family and friends jealous.

Plane wing

In a few hours you’ll be touching down in your holiday location. You’re sat in the perfect seat, right by the window with the plane wing in full view. It would be rude not to snap a picture of the fluffy white clouds passing you by.

Landed in Okinawa yesterday. ・ ・ ・ #沖縄 #飛行機 #okinawa #plane #planewing

A photo posted by Selena (@komesele) on

Drinks all around

Finally, you’ve arrived at your hotel. It doesn’t matter if you’re jetting off to Greece or relaxing in the Caribbean, you have to head straight to the bar and take a strategic picture of your ‘first holiday drinks’. It’s the start of your holiday so it’s about time you show your followers just how much fun you’re having already. The view in the background was just a happy coincidence, of course.

The foreign food

Yum, Yum! Pizzas at the beach. The sun is shining, you’re loving life. The temptation to post a photo is too great. Now this isn’t a typical food photo, oh no, not at all. It’s part of the culture, so your loyal fans definitely need to see it!

There’s never a bad time for a good burger. ?? #KauaiFood @nomkauai ?@gnairb

A photo posted by #KauaiFood ✌? (@kauaifood) on

Sun, sea and flip flops

Guilty as charged. Let’s have a show of hands, who hasn’t taken a photo of their brand new flip flops on the soft sand at the beach? This is a popular favourite of Instagram users, capturing a photo of your shoes with the sea and sand in full view. Of course, your brand new sunglasses had to be in there too, they’re just too beautiful. What’s not to like about this photo?

The hand heart

Almost every tourist has attempted to take this photo at least once. Many tries simply don’t work out but, those that do are surely to be uploaded the minute you find Wi-Fi. They are just so nice to look at. However, it’s also fun to see the times when the typical hand heart photo didn’t quite work out.

#sunset #love #couple #handheart #heart #beach #photography

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Perfectly tanned beach legs

We’ve saved the best for last, this photo is often referred to as ‘sausage legs’ because, you guessed it, the legs in the image look like hot dogs. It’s almost impossible to avoid this popular holiday snap. Whether you’re at the beach or relaxing by the poolside it’s difficult to avoid filling your profile with images of your suntanned legs to make just about anyone jealous.

#hotdoglegs #mansion #rich

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So, how many of these holiday snaps are you guilty of taking?! Don’t worry, we all do it…