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Insider Interview: Spain’s cuisine and gay-friendly travel

This time round in our Insider Interview series we speak with full-time travel bloggers Stefan and Sebastien of Nomadic Boys about their passion for Spain. They believe it’s one of the most gay-friendly places in the world.

Hailing originally from Greece and France respectively, but based in London when they’re not globe-trotting, the couple have been travelling together since 2014. They chart the gay scene and culinary highlights from around the world.

What was it that initially drew you to visit Spain?

We love Spain. It’s one of the most gay-friendly places in the world, with world-class destinations for us like Barcelona, Sitges, Ibiza and Madrid. Spain also has some of the best gay pride festivals in the world in each of these cities, especially in Madrid. They are world famous and we love going every year.

Where is your favourite region of Spain and what makes it special?

We did a road trip around Andalucia to celebrate Sebastien’s 30th birthday several years ago and loved it a lot. (Andalucia covers the coastal areas of Costa Del Sol, Costa Almeria and Costa De La Luz, north up beyond Seville and Cordoba.)

It has an excellent mix of beaches, food and beautiful buildings to visit like the Alhambra. Our highlight was the tiny mountain village of Grazalema. The hiking around the village was incredible, and the locals so welcoming and friendly.

What surprised you the most about Spanish culture? Or was it exactly as you’d expected?

What surprised us the most is that despite being a Catholic country, unlike say Italy and the Philippines, Spain is extremely gay-friendly. It has had gay marriage as law for years, and also has numerous world-class gay-friendly destinations.

What was the best thing you tasted while in Spain?

The jamon and chorizo! We love cured meat a lot and the jamon of Spain was our favourite thing. The worst thing, the pigs’ ears snacks in Madrid. We weren’t a fan.

Is there anywhere in particular you’d recommend our readers booking a table?

A highly rated restaurant like Cebo or Etimo in Madrid are worth a visit.

Your blog does a great job of showcasing romantic destinations, so what do you think would make the perfect Spanish date?

For us, the most romantic trip was our road trip together around Andalucia. Seville, Cordoba, Grenada and Grazalema are all gorgeous places to visit.

Our most surprising romantic discovery on a separate visit was San Sebastian in the North. It’s a very cute city and was a perfect mini weekend getaway we did from France where Seb is from.

How would you sum up your trip to Spain in three words?

Bye bye abs!
(The food is delicious, but not always the healthiest, especially if you’re a sucker for jamon, churros and chorizo).

If you could take one thing from Spain home, what would you choose?

The sun. London needs more of it. We were in Madrid one February – even though it is cold in the winter, you still get a lot of sunshine, which makes such a massive difference to your mood and temperament.

This is why we think the Spanish are always so happy, warm and friendly.

Is there anything you didn’t get to do while visiting Spain that you’d love to do next time?

We’ve visited the popular places, but now want to go further afield and check out places like Bilbao, Valencia, and see more of the Canary Islands.

If the Nomadic Boys have given you a thirst for Spanish sunshine and jamon, take a look at our latest Spain holiday deals.