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Inside the Elite World of the Super Traveller

While we here at Holiday Hypermarket believe that everyone should get the chance to experience a phenomenal holiday, there is no denying that some people have it lucky when it comes to the staggering perks they enjoy when travelling. Here is a brief rundown of the swaggiest privileges that the chosen few receive whilst on holiday.

Royal baggage

Avoiding lost luggage is a big concern for any traveller – but for the members of the British royal family this problem is avoided completely by affixing specially colour-coded luggage tags to all of their bags. Hello Magazine reports that Prince William’s luggage is labeled with a crown and the letter W, while wee Prince George is coded with baby blue tags (and presumably Princess Charlotte’s bags will be decked out in pink).

Passport envy

There is no doubt that people the world over love to travel, but not every passport affords its owner the ability to take off on a global vacation whenever the whim strikes. The Telegraph recently reported on the world’s most powerful passports, and asserted that Sweden’s citizens are the luckiest on the planet, based on the number of countries they can visit without a visa and the low cost of renewing their documents. The United Kingdom came in at number 4 – not too bad, considering we don’t always need to show them at our borders!

One of a kind experiences

For the wealthiest people in the world, travel can be a bit of a mundane bore. Exotic safari in Tanzania? Been there. Cooking lessons in Tuscany? Done that. The Guardian reports that the rich (particularly those from the emerging markets of Brazil and China) are increasingly turning toward bespoke, unique travel experiences for their holidays, preferring customised package holidays to activities available to the masses. Lavish heli-skiing getaways in the Himalayas or a week aboard a converted fishing boat in the Maldives are increasingly sought – and many in the industry are scrambling to cater to these desires.

Flashing a black card

While choosing the best credit card for travel is always a big decision, an elite option is always at the top of any list. The American Express Centurion, known informally as the “black Amex,” is an invitation-only credit card offered to the most elite members of society – think Beyonce, Donald Trump and the Beckhams. As reported by Daily Finance, the card is decked out in all black and made of titanium, Amex decides who gets a coveted invitation on a case by case basis – and only a select few make the cut. Once a lucky individual gets their card, the perks start multiplying – 24 hour concierge service whilst traveling, luxury sports cars at beck and call, and access to private jets across the planet.

Hotel rooms fit for a king and queen

Starting at a cool £10,000 per night and reaching in excess of £40K, the world’s most posh hotel rooms give new meaning to the word “luxury.” As featured in the Telegraph’s run down of the top 25 most expensive hotels in the world, these stunning suites offer guests the finest in furnishings, linens, private pools and bespoke culinary offerings. Many five star hotels reserve their best rooms in order to have a spectacular option available for their rich, famous and influential clientele.

It sure would be nice to travel like a big shot—though personally, we’re happy not to drop the dosh on it all!