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IMPORTANT: Changes to Airport Security and Liquid Restrictions

What are the current restrictions?

Since 2006 passengers have been reducing the amount of liquids, aerosols and gels they carry onto planes before heading through airport security. The strict rules state that, liquids must be 100ml or less per container, they must be fastened into a quart-sized, secure, plastic bag and each passenger can carry one bag, which should be placed into the screening bins provided. If for any reason travellers fail to follow these guidelines, they risk having their liquids confiscated.

What are the changes?

As you may already be aware TSA (Transportation Security Administration) changed their guidelines on January 31st 2014, and has decided that passengers travelling internationally to the United States with a connecting flight are allowed to carry liquids which exceed the 100ml limit. However, the liquids must be purchased from a duty-free counter and positioned into a secure tamper-evident bag before boarding. This may sound like a lot of hard work, but it’s a start.

Known as ‘Phase 1’ this new decision will be assessed and monitored closely. If the outcome is successful this could lead to further developments across all EU airports.

*** UPDATE ***

Innovative scanners

Ground-breaking new scanners are currently on trial at London airports, Heathrow and Gatwick as well as 63 airports across Europe and Australia. This high-tech technology will examine all liquids, so passengers won’t be expected to open their containers.

The machine will use a laser to differentiate dangerous chemicals from harmless ones, offering swift and accurate airport security checks.

Airports are hoping that this £40,000 device will change the way we travel by reducing delays and costs linked to missed flights and extra security staff.

When is it changing?

There are plans to abolish the ban completely by screening all liquids, aerosols and gels. But don’t start throwing out your travel-sized containers just yet. If this goes ahead, it won’t be put into practice until 2016.

Why is it changing?

Airlines hope that such changes will reduce security threats and offer a smoother airport experience. They understand that it can be stressful making your way through security check points, so future plans aim to improve this issue.

Should the liquid ban be lifted?


  • This could be the end of those lengthy airport security queues.
  • No more searching for miniature bottles of everything and paying those high prices.


  • Passengers may get carried away and forget about weight restrictions.
  • This may cause people to panic if they feel airports are becoming too relaxed.

The travel restrictions have been in place so long you may have forgotten what is was like to take on board your bottles and aerosols. Hopefully the airport experience will continue to improve as they reform current security measures and jetting off on our last minute holidays will be even easier.