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I’m Drunk…Get Me Out Of Here!!

Star of children’s television and real life ‘Man Behaving Badly’ Neil Morrissey has shocked cabin crew and club class passengers with a series of foul mouthed rants on his way home from filming in Australia.

The 48 year old had been drinking free champagne before boarding the British Airways flight from Singapore back to Heathrow, following a stint on the ITV2 show ‘I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here Now!’

As staff made the decision to handcuff Mr Morrissey in an effort to calm him down, he fell asleep. A British Airways spokesperson confirmed the incident and added that when Mr Morrissey woke up he had calmed down and seemed somewhat embarrassed by his actions.

Morrissey has also recently appeared in the BBC drama Waterloo Road and is the voice behind the title character on children’s programme Bob the Builder.

Mr Morrissey who is thought to be a nervous flyer had been drinking the free booze in a British Airways lounge before taking off and made a ‘special effort’ to appear sober so he could board the flight. Sitting just two rows back from the flight deck, he then turned to a fellow passenger and declared “Travelling Club is f*****g great, mate. Free f*****g wine – all you can f*****g well drink!”

Having ignored a steward’s pleas to quieten down, the crew and pilot made the decision to shackle him for the safety of other passengers; however they did not need to as the actor fell asleep.

A BA spokesperson said “This was resolved without the need for police action, as it at one stage seemed it would be, and we will be taking no further action.”

A spokesperson for the actor stated “Neil is a very nervous flyer and did have a few drinks. He is not the sort of person to deliberately cause offence.”