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Illegal Immigrants Know How To Travel In Style

Illegal immigrants are boarding tourist flights at up to £10,000 a time and arriving in the UK to start new lives via Ireland.

A luxurious flight is a more appealing option than being squashed for hours in the back of a lorry, and people smugglers charge between £500 and £1000 for the privilege.

Migrants have seats booked for them on regular tourist flights and are sold fake passports and visas.

The ‘club class’ scam was only uncovered when 10 people smugglers were arrested in Paris and all made full confessions in an attempt to receive reduced jail sentences.

The French anti-immigration authorities stated it’s a sad reflection on how desperate these people are to start a new life in the UK. “These people were prepared to devote their life savings and an airborne immigration package was their best option,” one official declared.