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Ibiza – THE Place To Party!

December 1st, 2009

Me and some friends went to the Riviera Hotel in San Antonio Bay in Ibiza in July 2009. It was the best week of our lives! Holidays in Ibiza are to the party capital of the world and we partied all day and all night. One of the biggest pre bars in the resort was right outside the hotel and with us not being in the resort centre, drinks were a lot cheaper. There’s a selection of Spanish supermarkets and traditional restaurants at Spanish prices. When we went a pack of 12 San Miguel lagers was 9 Euros but in San Antonio centre they were 4 Euro per bottle. The beach is just a 5 minute hung-over, half asleep stumble away and taxis stop right on the doorstep. Prices are cheap and always the same because they all run on a meter.

Ibiza holidays are so lively sometimes it was nice to just sit somewhere quieter and wind down from a heavy night. The Bay is a much more chilled place to stay but is still within easy reach of the strip and its legendary clubs. If you’re after a great meal, the Cat and Parrott on the strip does home cooked meals at reasonable prices. I would recommend the Bay for people who want easy access to the centre without the hassle in the day. It is also good for the cheaper prices as I spent half as much this year in the Bay than last year when I stayed on the strip. I think it’s in a better location for first time Ibiza visitors but also for veteran clubbers looking to go on a budget.

By Darren