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Ibiza 2016 – The Best Tracks and The Hottest DJs

Whether you’re desperate to bust some moves on the dance floor this summer, or just want to bask in a night-out atmosphere, one thing’s for sure – Ibiza is the destination of choice for party lovers. But whether you’re on party island itself, or just having a few friends round for a bit of fun, for a great evening you need great music.

So we’ve put together an epic playlist, designed to get your Ibiza party started.

Get into the vibe

Ibiza is known for the huge variety of music it offers. But there are some killer tunes that crop up every year, and Spiller’s Groovejet should feature somewhere at the start of the evening in order to get you into the mood. The divine Ms Ellis Bextor sings about love, sun and feeling good – all the ingredients of an amazing Ibiza holiday.

While you’re warming up to this tune, you might want to start planning where you’ll be going clubbing. Rather than heading to specific clubs in order to find techno, house, dubstep and trance, it’s best to look at which DJ is playing, as they’ll be in charge of what style of music happens that night.

In a trance

Ibiza is synonymous with the trance and house music scene. Despite his recent accident, in which he fell off the stage when DJing in Utrecht back in February, Paul van Dyk is still massively popular in Ibiza. Look out for listings for Cream parties at Amnesia to find out when he’ll be in control of the decks. Listen to For an Angel to get you in the mood to go out.

Rave repeat

He may be slightly older, but he’s never dull and the fact that Fatboy Slim is playing his first Cream residency at Amnesia this summer will be welcome news for Ibiza stalwarts. Crank up your mood by playing Praise You or the more recent Eat Sleep Rave Repeat, to prepare you for his set.


The most successful DJs play sets that start slow, and build up to a crescendo when everyone on the dance floor has their hands in the air. Energy 52’s Cafe de la Mar will get you in the mood for this experience. Just let the music lift you up and take you somewhere far away. After one track fades away, another will soon start up again, possibly Another Chance by Paul Sanchez. The best DJs make the party.

Flower power

Head down to Pacha and look out for the club’s flower power Monday nights – Ibiza insiders will always flock to these parties. Don’t be surprised to hear the Mamas and the Papas Monday Monday or even John Lennon’s Give Peace a Chance. This session promises a unique and memorable experience and makes a welcome change from the heavy syncopated beat of drum and bass.

Don’t forget the Balearics

Balearic beats first became popular in Ibiza and are still going strong today. Sankeys midweek sessions are the best place to chill out and enjoy the rhythms of this sound. Dance 88/89 is the spot to look out for — you’re in for a real treat this year as DJ Alfredo will be joining the party.


You probably have to be a bit of an insomniac to enjoy the Ibiza party scene to the max. Look out for BBC Radio’s 1 session at the Ibiza Rocks Hotel. The legendary Pete Tong — Mr Ibiza — will be hosting along with Tinie Tempah, and Faithless. To really get you into the Ibiza vibe, turn up the volume and wallow in the epic Insomnia. You’ll probably never be able to sleep again after hearing this haunting track, but you’ll be having such a good time you probably won’t even care.

Getting into techno

Techno fans will have a blast during Marco Carola’s sessions at Amnesia. The Music On party continues until well after dawn, so make sure that you’re in great form when attending one of these parties. Eddie Halliwell’s Fire it Up may well feature on its playlist.

International vibe

The Ibiza music scene is truly international. To get you into the mood for your upcoming holiday, listen out for Berlin based &ME’s Shadows complete with vocals from Dwayzo Lawrence. Also climbing in popularity is Hungary’s Endre Nagy, listen out for his latest release titled Nilseus. You Disco Freak, just released by Death in Vegas looks set to also be dominating the Ibiza scene this summer.

Personal playlist

The most satisfying Ibiza playlist will be the one that you assemble yourself. This will be a collection of tunes and beats that you associate with the fun and the craziness of the Ibiza party scene. Every year the clubs, parties and bars thump out thousands of tracks, some you have never heard before, others, including David Morales and Chicane, are forever identified with the island.

Whatever’s playing in your headphones, enjoy the 2016 Ibiza party!





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