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HIIT Your Way to a More Confident You – From Home!

We’re all in search of that bikini body and it might come as a shock to you, but you already have one - it’s as simple as popping on your bikini. What we really want though is the confidence to look and feel great in that bikini. If you don’t want to blow your money on gym fees, you could HITT your way to a more confident you from home.

A Traveller’s Guide to Mindfulness

Stressed about where your passport is? Overwhelmed by all the packing? Sometimes even just the holiday prep can leave the calmest among us stressed

10 ways to pack the gym into your holiday suitcase

Just because you’re going away on holiday, it doesn’t mean that your fitness routine should take a holiday as well. There are plenty of ways of keeping fit, while you’re away that doesn’t involve slaving away in the hotel’s gym for hours on end