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The Best All Inclusive Hotels for Food in Mexico

If you’re going to Mexico, you’ve got plenty to look forward to. Big blue skies swathed in sunshine, broad pale beaches framed by crystal clear water, and of course, fantastic flavours all await you here.

A Shout Out to Senor Frog’s

A trip to Mexico is highly recommended any time of year, thanks to its glorious weather, fantastic food and sumptuous beaches. It’s what makes Cancun so popular, and that famous Mexican resort is full of fantastic bars, clubs and places to party.
Spanish cuisine

A Guide to Spanish Cuisine

They do things a little differently in Spain, but you’ll soon get into the rhythm of eating out. Breakfast is usually a continental affair with coffee and bread rolls, then lunch is served around 1.30pm to 3.30pm and...
wine and grapes

A Guide to Finding The Best Italian Wine

When you think of Italy, you probably think of a number of things, like warm sun, good food and rustic narrow streets. Yet thoughts often also focus on the fine wines that make the country so beloved the...
three plates of food on table

A Guide to the Cuisine of Croatia

Croatia’s Eastern European location has aided it in fusing together classic Mediterranean flavours with popular central European cuisine. Whatever your preference, you’re sure to find delicious dinners to suit on a visit to this popular holiday spot. Food...

How to Eat Healthy in Costa Rica

A trip to Costa Rica isn’t just one that allows you to enjoy a Caribbean climate, stunning beaches surrounded by tropical forests, and a vibrant music culture. It’s also about the food. Costa Rica might be located in...

10 Reykjavik Restaurants You Have To Try

If you’re visiting Iceland’s capital of Reykjavik, be prepared to enjoy tasty traditional Icelandic cuisine such as succulent mountain lamb and plenty of fresh seafood. There are also international choices, so if you’re looking for a Cajun-style burger...

8 Mexican Recipes You Must Try

You might think you know everything about Mexican food from your trip to a local high street restaurant, but it’s only when you visit Mexico itself that you realise how diverse its food really is. From its use...