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Airport lounges… are they worth it?

Traveling abroad can feel tiring and stressful at times, so wouldn’t it be nice to kick things off in the best way possible and receive the VIP treatment from the minute you pass security at the airport? Avoid...

Duty-free Shopping – How to Find the Best Deals

It’s a familiar sight for travellers everywhere – en route to the airport terminal, you stumble across an acre’s worth of bright lights and perfumed air between a sea of chocolate bars. It’s where mark-downs and low prices...

Travel Games That Kids Love Best

We asked parents what games and activities that occupied their kids the most and these are what they told us were the travel games that kids love best.

Extreme Airports That Are, Yes, Real

Apparently, the miracle of flight is not enough for some people – they have to build airports that defy the laws of physics and nature, as well.

The Ultimate Guide to Birmingham Airport

Birmingham Airport is the 7th busiest airport in the UK, and in 2014 sent 9.7 million people packing. Getting to this airport is pretty straightforward as it is located on many primary routes, making your journey to and from the airport relatively easy.

31 Things We All Do In An Airport

Whether you’re flying from your local airport or one of the larger ones, you either love or hate the airport experience, the start of your holiday or a necessary evil to get to your sunbed. The airport brings...